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  • What is the implication of beard transplantation?

Beard hair transplant can be referred to as the hair transplantation or restoration of hair in the beard area of the face. It comes under the category of invasive procedure. It is classified into two categories:

What are charges incurred on undergoing beard transplantation or reconstruction?

It highly depends on the method the specialists are incorporating to charge. Some specialists charge based on the extraction of several grafts.

Some specialists charge based on the area of the recipient zone.

The experience of the surgeon also counts and contributes to determining the average cost of the procedure.

The location of the clinic also affects the actual pricing of the reconstruction procedure. If the clinic is somewhere which is considered as the posh area and where the traffic of patients is more, it is quite evident that cost of that clinic would be high as compared to that located somewhere outside the city or in a rural area.

  •  What are the most meritorious factors about beard transplantation?

The hair which is grown on the beard area is customarily thicker and curly. These two factors prove to be highly beneficial when they are extracted as donor’s hair and implanted in a recipient zone. It would help in giving the dense look to the recipient zone.

  • Why the beard hair is not supposed to be implanted in the recipient zone?

It is because the hairline is kept reserved to enhance the natural look. So these should neither be implanted in the hairline nor the temporal triangle.

  • Why is beard hair considered to be beneficial?

Beard hair is grown out of the consequence of male hormones which is far better as compared to those hormones in the scalp which makes the hair fall.

  • What care should be taken after one has undergone the beard transplantation surgery?

Beard transplantation surgery is skin sensitivity surgery, After one has undergone the beard transplantation surgery, he has to take care of some things which are written below:

  • It is necessary not to take a solid kind of diet after one has undergone the surgery. If you eat that kind of food that needs the effort of chewing, it will lead to the displacement of the grafts.
  • For The first two days, apply an antiseptic ointment in your beard zone.
  • Deliberate with your dermatologist at regular intervals.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for undergoing the surgery?

Following are the important points that determine the eligibility criteria:

  • The patient who wants to undergo beard reconstruction should not be less than the decided age. It is customarily 25.
  • The patient should not have any species of heart disease and diabetic ailments.

For the removal of fat cells, there has been the advent of numerous techniques. Liposuction surgery in Vizag is one of them which has succeeded in proving long tie results. Following are the fundamental FAQs about fat cell removal surgery:

  • Can fat move around the variegated body parts after the liposuction is successful in removing it from a particular zone?

After liposuction surgery has successfully terminated fat from one zone of the body, the fat is permanently eliminated. Liposuction surgery is related to the breakdown of the various fat cells.

  • Is the weight loss itself not a good solution to get rid of the deformed body structure?

No, Weight loss could definitely give a visible change in the body shape. But it would not be held accountable if there is deformation in certain zones of the body. The disfigurement could only be corrected with the liposuction technique.

  • Is the growth of fat cells dependent on the gained weight?

Yeah!! Surely it is. The growth of fat cells is affirmatively dependent on the gained weight.

  • Which factors are responsible for deciding the number?

The number is highly dominated by the individual’s genetic makeup. This is not subjective to any kind of transformation.

  • What are the exceptions for fat cells which grow in the order of the weight gained and lost?

As we have already discussed, the growth and shrinking of fat cells are dominated by the weight gained or lost. But there are certain exceptions to this point:

  • If the weight is immensely and extremely gained, the growth of fat cells is reached to a particular point. The fat cells can’t grow after that point. In that situation, the fat cells are fragmented and promote the regeneration of cells.
  • The next exception is associated with the performance of the liposuction procedure. If a liposuction procedure is performed when there is a thorough breakdown of fat cells. It is relevant to mention here that the results obtained after taking up the liposuction surgery are everlasting.
  • Which device is used to snap or fragmentize the fat cells?

The cannula is an instrument or device which is used in the liposuction stratagem to isolate and terminate the fat cells.

  • What is the myth about fat cells?

There is a very popular myth about fat cells that if they are removed from the body they can never grow back. This myth is irrelevant. But as a matter of fact, there is a constant number of fat cells present in the body. These cells ought to be available in the required numbers. If they die, then other cells grow to complete the number. In fact, the constant number of fat cells is omnipotent, they keep on being killed and new cells take their place.

  • Does Cna liposuction reduce the constant number of cells?

Liposuction techniques are invented on the idea of reducing and diminishing the total number of cells. So the answer to this question is affirmative.

Gynecomastia can be described as a condition in which the male breast is overdeveloped or overgrown. In selective cases, the need may be aroused to take up Gynecomastia surgery, but the trained doctors would initially try to address this problem by doing certain modifications in the lifestyle of an individual.

  • Can lifestyle modification help in every case of Gynecomastia surgery?

If the intensification of male breasts is contributed by the excessive pounds or depositions of fat cells, then it is known as false gynecomastia. False gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia are interchangeable terms. Once in a while, it takes place no matter how hard you have worked out or exercised to get rid of the fat cell deposition but these cells continue to persist.

  • What is the implication of true gynecomastia?

True gynecomastia comes into light owing to the following reasons:

  • Genetic Age
  • Hormonal Shift
  • Does gynecomastia affect both breasts?

Gynecomastia can affect either one or both breasts. Gynecomastia doesn’t need to affect both breasts in the same way.

  • Is gynecomastia affliction a serious and life-threatening disease?

No, Surely not. Gynecomastia does not come under the category of serious and life-taking diseases. The only disadvantage of getting afflicted with it is the one which can cause considerably bad effects on your self-confidence.

  • What is the connotation of gynecomastia?

As already discussed, gynecomastia can be described as overgrown breasts in males. According to medical science, it takes place when testosterone levels are stood against the estrogen level. It can be defined as the imbalance levels.

  • What does testosterone supposed to do?

Testosterone aims at controlling attributes and characteristics of males like:

  • Muscle mass
  • Body hair
  • What is estrogen supposed to do?

Estrogen is responsible for controlling female attributes and characteristics incorporating breast growth.

  • Is estrogen a feminine hormone?

Yes, estrogen is one of the many feminine hormones. Males do produce some of the estrogen hormones. But when the production of hormones is reached to a significant level then the enlargement of the breast is the primary thing that comes to light.

  • What are the various Gynecomastia causing factors?

There are several causing factors of gynecomastia:

  • When male children hit puberty then some of the natural changes come into existence
  • With alleviating age one can have enlarged breasts.
  • Certain prescribed medications that are not healthy for consumption
  • Excessive use of alcohol and other related substances
  • Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)

 How can gynecomastia be treated and which is the best treatment?

Gynecomastia can be cured not necessarily with surgery but with liposuction as well. This stratagem is considered best for pseudo gynecomastia.

Whenever one clicks a picture or selfie, he or she focuses on the way his or her hair looks. In case one is bald, he sometimes encounters under-confidence when clicking group pictures. It’s ok. That is not your fault. It is caused due to aging, sometimes it is inherited. But there is definitely a wonderful and effective solution to this problem, which is “Hair Transplant

Once you have decided to take up this procedure, you are highly advised to take bear into mind the following written points:

  • Are you eligible for taking up the surgery?

It is not a matter of your decision that wholly decides whether you should take up the surgery or not. There are some eligibility credentials which every hair loss patient needs to satisfy before taking up the surgery. Some of the eligibility points will be related to as follows:

  • Hair loss patients who are heading to take up the surgical procedure must be of 25 years of age.
  • A patient does not have a critical medical background. If it has, then the recovered rate at present should be 100%.
  • Patients should not suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, or low immunity problems.
  • The hair of the donor area should suit the growth in the recipient area.
  • Do not expect beyond the surgery

Do not count on childish expectations like a head full of hair. Growth and regrowth differ in different cases. Results of hair transplantation are directly proportional to the density of hair in the donor area.

  • How can the costing factor differentiate

Costing factor varies according to different factors:

  • Baldness affected area highly differentiate the cost
  • Method or technique that will be used to determine the figure of cost
  • Experience, Qualification, and Reputation of the surgeon are what are highly counted.
  • Are you going to undertake the surgery from an experienced surgeon?

Before choosing the surgeon, corroborate to check the testimonials of that hospital or clinic. Try to figure out all the minute details about the hospital and doctor. Do not take a chance of even 0.001% in this regard. Experience is what determines whether the surgeon is eligible to carry out the forth-approaching surgeries.

  • Are the results long-term-oriented?

Yeah!! Surely. The results of the hair transplantation procedure will be supported in the long-term.

  • What are FUE and FUT?

Both processes are related to hair transplantation. The difference will be based on the categories of recovery rate, pervasiveness, and the method of extraction. The implantation procedure is the same as both the stratagem.

Bottom Line

One must not immediately wash his head after taking up the surgery. Wash the hair based on the prescription of the doctor. Use the shampoo which has been recommended by the doctor


Plastic surgery has seen a spike all over the world. One of the procedures which have gained huge demand and continue to do so in the coming years will be liposuction . Lipo surgery results and effectiveness is what has increased the demand in Vizag.

What are the different uses of the liposuction procedure?

The first and foremost reason to undergo lipo surgery is improved appearance. Well, it is not merely about the physical health perks. In many cases, when a person opts for a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and on-time sleep schedule then desired results can be achieved.

The medical experts suggest the lipo procedure when all the above-given suggestions are not working the way they should. Undergoing the treatment will target fat areas which diet and exercise cannot work upon. Excess weight increases the fat cells in terms of volume and size. In the areas which are isolated, the lipo will not work on that.

To get the best possible results talk to your doctor about the treatment and consider in which way it will be done. Some of the commonly targeted areas are:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner knees
  • Upper arms
  • Hips
  • Chest
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • The neckline and the area under the chin
  • Thighs include both outer thighs and inner thighs

What are the reasons which have increased its demand?

  • Works best with your healthy lifestyle

The patients who are dedicated and want to follow a healthy lifestyle should get it done. Patients who want to get weight-loss surgery can choose this procedure for the fine-tuning results.

  • Best to treat the problem areas

The lipo procedure will target problem areas. Not every area can be targeted with exercise, and in that case, the lipo procedure will be highly beneficial.

  • Advanced and improved results

The treatment will provide you superior results. With time, the treatment has improved a lot, and the patient is likely to get the desired results. Moreover, the results are permanent, and the only condition is that you follow a healthy lifestyle that keeps your weight under control.

  • Famous treatment world-wide

The treatment has become mainstream. With time, cosmetic surgery has become highly famous and acceptable also.

Who is the ideal candidate for the treatment?

Lipo procedure is ideal for patients with good skin elasticity and tone. The skin is going to transfer itself into the new contours. If you want to undergo the treatment then make sure you have good health and above 18. Talk to your doctor and know better how you can get the treatment.

When are the results visible?

Results are noticeable only after the inflammation has reduced. Sometimes it will take months. Nevertheless, the swelling will reduce within four weeks, and the treated area is going to appear bulky. People who keep control over their weight will see permanent results.

There are two types of treatment for hair loss:

-Using non interfering medications
– Surgical treatment like Hair transplant

Surgical treatments are performed when the hair loss is caused by burning of face and scalp by any of the following written factors:

– Exposure to fire for a long period of time
– Acid and other harmful chemical leading to melting of skin
– Boiled water
– Highly heated cooking oils

Why does it happen?

It is because hair nodes of the burnt area are highly damaged and can never produce new hairs.

Is hair restoration procedure successful in case of burn-survivors?

It is a tremendously stretching task to perform the surgical procedures on the burn-survivors but experts who recognize the depth of this complication can act in the favour accordingly.

In many cases stimulated hair nodes do not respond because of which the surgery is rendered useless.

How hair transplantation procedure carried out in case of Burn Victims?

Hair transplantation in case of burn victims is carried out by extricating hair nodes from the base area to the recipient area (bald area).  But this surgery sometimes does not prove useful because the recipient area fails to respond to the surgery.

What is expected after the Surgical treatment?

After-Care plays an important role in rehabilitation. Following aftercare directives  can prove really helpful in rehabilitation.

  • Consumption of prescribed pain relieving narcotics if pain and discomfort is too much to be endured.
  • In case of itching do not scratch the area on which surgery is performed.
  • Application of medicament cream at the disfigured area twice or thrice a day.That may help to prevent the infection.
  • Take a head wash after 2-3 days of surgery. Patients must wash the hairs with a prescribed shampoo to remove the dead particles on the skin.
  • Patients should not bring the on-recovery area to sunlight.If there is an urgent need to get out of the home on a sunny day then don’t forget to cover your head with a hat, dupatta or scarf.
  • Smoking produces a very bad effect on the healing area as it hinders the regulation of the blood flow.

Surgical Procedures of treatment

There are primarily two kinds of procedures used to carry out this treatment process. First one, being Follicular unit Transplantation (FUT) and another being Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Final Thoughts:

It is very common for the burn victims to have so many questions running in their head because they are the ones who have gone through a lot. They do want to live a lifestyle, they were living before. Burn victims often lose confidence and their self esteem suffers. That is why doctors treating these patients must deal with extreme sensitivity.

What are the causes of hair loss problems?

Most men experience hair loss problems due to Alopecia. It is a situation where men experience baldness or thinning of hair. The men suffer this condition due to the following factors that are mentioned below:

  • Hereditary

Hereditary is the most common factor due to which men suffer from baldness. Usually, it affects the front side, center, and crown areas of the scalp of a person. This happens due to genetic problems.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Not only men but women also suffer from hair loss problems. Hair loss occurs in women during pregnancy, menstrual cycle, PCOS, and much more.

  • Medications

Sometimes a person experiences hair loss problems due to the intake of medicines.

  • Stress

If a person is taking too much stress then also there are chances that a person might experience hair loss problems.

  • Imbalance diet

If you are eating junk food instead of eating healthy food then also you might experience hair loss problems. Due to the lack of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, a person suffers from hair loss issues.

Other reasons are mentioned below:

  • Excessive usage of heat products on hair.
  • If you are using products containing chemicals.
  • If you are tying your hair very tightly.
  • If you are using a hairdryer at a high temperature.

If you want a permanent solution for your hair loss problem then undergo hair restoration treatment.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplant is a treatment in which the surgeon will extract hair from the back of the scalp and transplant it into the area where you are suffering from baldness. So there is no chance of you feeling pain. There are two procedures of hair restoration treatment that are mentioned below:

Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT is a hair restoration treatment is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will take a strip of hair from the donor area of the scalp and transplant it into the problematic area.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon will extract hair from the back of the scalp or different parts of the body and transplant it into the areas where you are experiencing badness.

Is it painful?

The surgeon will perform the surgery by giving local anesthesia to the patient. So there is no chance of you experiencing any type of pain.

Who is eligible for the surgery?

The doctor will examine your scalp and health. After checking he will say whether you are a good candidate or not.

When you will be able to see the desired result?

You are not going to see the desired results instantly. You are going to see the result in the third-month post-surgery. Then 40% in 4 months, 50% in 5 months, and so on. By the end of 12 months, you are going to see the desired results.

Preparing yourself to undergo Hair Transplant

If you have been dealing with thin hair or a receding hairline, then you may have tried various options. But, you did not get the results you are looking for. If your hair loss issue is getting severe then the ideal choice is to undergo a hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is an extremely safe and reliable choice for patients facing hair loss issues. In this blog, we are going to take you through the steps which makes it easier for you to prepare for the treatment.

  • Do not get a haircut

People think that a haircut is a good idea to look smart and look well-presented and it will be easy for the surgeon to navigate the scalp. If you get the haircut then it is going to impact the treatment results. Hair growth is needed in the donor area so that the hair follicles can be transplanted easily.

  • Avoid smoking

Some people crave to smoke to deal with the stress of undergoing surgery. However, by doing this you are going to impact the results. It is important to quit smoking a few days before the surgery and you need to avoid it while getting the treatment. Smoking can affect the healing timeline of the treatment. Make sure you wait till the time for the healing of grafts is not done.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

Make sure you avoid alcohol consumption at least 3 days before the surgery and avoid it after undergoing the treatment. Ideally, at least one week should be there to stop drinking before undergoing the treatment.

  • Stop taking medications

There are some types of medications that can affect the healing timeline of the treatment. You should not take aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications at least a fortnight before the treatment. Make sure to avoid the use of medications for depression and high blood pressure along with beta-blockers & blood thinners. Consult your medical expert and then only stop the use of medications or take any medication. Taking medications without supervision can affect the desired results of the treatment.

  • Stop the vitamin supplements

You need to stop the use of supplements and multivitamins at least a fortnight before the treatment. By doing so, it increases the chances of having a successful hair graft.

  • Massage

Before you visit the doctor to get the treatment, it is important to get ahead of the massage. You should rub the scalp for around 10 minutes every day or half an hour. By doing so, the skin gets soft, and also the blood flow is proper to the transplanted grafts. Both of these factors are important for improving the treatment success rate.

At VJC people often come and ask whether undergoing hair transplant treatment is going to be painful or not? First of all, a patient is not going to experience any pain but yes they might experience discomfort ness which varies from person to person as different patients require different types of procedures. Keeping the most asked question in mind we are going to talk about whether hair restoration treatment is painful or not?

The procedure of hair transplantation

There are two procedures that are gaining excessive popularity among people who are suffering from hair loss problems.


FUT stands for follicular unit transplant. In this surgery, the surgeon will extract the strip from the back of the scalp and transplant into the area where people are suffering from baldness and thinning of hair. This procedure is invasive which means the patient will take a longer time in the healing process and the patient will face some scarring on the head.


FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction. During the FUE procedure, the surgeon will take hair from the back of the scalp or from different parts of the body and transplant it into the problematic area. In this method, there are fewer chances of a patient suffering from scarring and it will heal within three to seven days.


A hair transplant is a surgical procedure so the surgeon performs the surgery by giving local anesthesia to the patient. It helps in decreasing the discomfort suffered by the patient. In fact, some surgeons give sedatives during the surgery. The patient will not get hurt because they will be giving local anesthesia to numb the scalp. But yes there are chances that a patient might suffer irritation while pulling and tugging takes place.

Will it hurt after the hair transplant surgery?

When it doesn’t hurt during the procedure then how it will hurt post-surgery. But yes there are chances people might experience a few things that are mentioned below:

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Irritation

If you are experiencing any of these then you should consult the doctor immediately. He will prescribe you medicines. In fact, if you will follow the post-surgery instructions religiously then there are chances that you will not experience any of the above-mentioned things.

Instructions of surgeon post-surgery

  1. The patients are not allowed to wash their head at least for 3 to 4 days after the surgery.
  2. The patient should not do any heavy workout.
  3. The patient should not come under sun exposure.
  4. Do not scratch or rub your scalp.
  5. Take Medicines which are prescribed by the surgeon.
  6. Eat healthy food.
  7. Avoid wearing a cap after the surgery.

Baldness is a matter of concern and raises the anxiety of the person. But need not to worry there are treatments that will help the people. If you are searching for information on the internet on how to treat the early signs of balding then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to talk about the treatment that will help you in regrowth of the hair. Hair transplant will help you in treating the thinning as well as balding. 

What is Balding?

Balding is a process in which people experience excessive hair loss problems with each passing time. You will not see balding on the spot but you will notice when 50% of the hair you will lose.

What are Temples and crowns?

After looking in the mirror when you will pull the hair from the temple area and you will notice that the V pattern is showing where the hairline was before. If you are experiencing this which means you are suffering from the early sign of balding. If it is left untreated the sign will increase day by day only. You should consult the best hair specialist who will help you in getting rid of the hair problem.

Take an image

Another way to check the hair loss problem is to take a picture and compare it with old pictures. You will automatically see the difference between the two. You should check whether your temples are showing or not? If the answer is yes then you should try doing the activity after a few months that are mentioned below:

You should take an old picture of yourself and make sure you are replicating the look. After taking a picture from different angles you should check whether there is any difference or not.

Why does balding take place?

Balding takes place due to androgenetic alopecia. In this, both parental, as well as maternal genes, are responsible for balding.

What is the treatment?

If you are suffering from temporary baldness then need not to worry. You will get your hair back within a few weeks but there is a matter of concern when you are experiencing permanent hair loss problems. DHT i.e dihydrotestosterone which is a hormonal problem leads to male pattern baldness. To treat the problem the patient should take finasteride. Make sure you are taking this in the form of medicine. It will help you in increasing hair growth by 65%. It also slows down the loss of hair. Another medicine which you can apply on your scalp is minoxidil will help you in regaining the hair. Nizoral is another treatment which comes in the form of a shampoo. The doctors usually prescribe this shampoo which helps in regrowth of hair. It is observed that 40% of men are using it to gain hair on the scalp.

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