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Is it true hair transplant treatment is painful and increases discomfort?

Is it true hair transplant treatment is painful and increases discomfort?

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    At VJC people often come and ask whether undergoing hair transplant treatment is going to be painful or not? First of all, a patient is not going to experience any pain but yes they might experience discomfort ness which varies from person to person as different patients require different types of procedures. Keeping the most asked question in mind we are going to talk about whether hair restoration treatment is painful or not?

    The procedure of hair transplantation

    There are two procedures that are gaining excessive popularity among people who are suffering from hair loss problems.


    FUT stands for follicular unit transplant. In this surgery, the surgeon will extract the strip from the back of the scalp and transplant into the area where people are suffering from baldness and thinning of hair. This procedure is invasive which means the patient will take a longer time in the healing process and the patient will face some scarring on the head.


    FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction. During the FUE procedure, the surgeon will take hair from the back of the scalp or from different parts of the body and transplant it into the problematic area. In this method, there are fewer chances of a patient suffering from scarring and it will heal within three to seven days.


    A hair transplant is a surgical procedure so the surgeon performs the surgery by giving local anesthesia to the patient. It helps in decreasing the discomfort suffered by the patient. In fact, some surgeons give sedatives during the surgery. The patient will not get hurt because they will be giving local anesthesia to numb the scalp. But yes there are chances that a patient might suffer irritation while pulling and tugging takes place.

    Will it hurt after the hair transplant surgery?

    When it doesn’t hurt during the procedure then how it will hurt post-surgery. But yes there are chances people might experience a few things that are mentioned below:

    1. Swelling
    2. Redness
    3. Irritation

    If you are experiencing any of these then you should consult the doctor immediately. He will prescribe you medicines. In fact, if you will follow the post-surgery instructions religiously then there are chances that you will not experience any of the above-mentioned things.

    Instructions of surgeon post-surgery

    1. The patients are not allowed to wash their head at least for 3 to 4 days after the surgery.
    2. The patient should not do any heavy workout.
    3. The patient should not come under sun exposure.
    4. Do not scratch or rub your scalp.
    5. Take Medicines which are prescribed by the surgeon.
    6. Eat healthy food.
    7. Avoid wearing a cap after the surgery.

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