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    Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) in Visakhapatnam, Do you do sit-ups, to get the best-looking tummy? If the abdominal area or flab has excess skin which is not getting reduced with diet or exercise then it is best to consider a tummy tuck. In medical terms, it is known as Abdominoplasty.

    What is Tummy Tuck?

    During tummy tuck surgery, the abdomen is flattened which takes away the excess skin and fat. Through this approach, the abdominal wall muscles also become tight. Liposuction and tummy are different. Although liposuction may be done with a tummy tuck.

    Who is a suitable candidate for the tummy tuck?

    Men and women with overall good health can choose this treatment. Women with several pregnancies can be benefited as it helps in making the muscles tight and takes away the excess skin. The surgery will work the best for those who were obese and still there is excess fat or loose skin around the belly area.

    Why should you not get a Tummy Tuck?

    • The woman who is planning to conceive, cannot undergo the tummy tuck till the time she has not delivered the baby.
    • A tummy tuck is not the choice for individuals who are seeking to lose weight.

    This should be your last option as nothing has worked for you. You should not swap it with a weight-loss option.

    How can I prepare for the tummy tuck surgery?

    In the first place, choose the skilled surgeon and undergo the consultation. During the meeting, you need to talk about the goals and all the possible options.

    • Partial or Mini abdominoplasty

    This approach is done on the patients who have fat deposits below the navel area. Your belly button is not moved and in total it will take around 2 hours.

    • Complete abdominoplasty

    During this approach, the abdomen is cut from hip bone to hip bone & after that, the muscle, skin, and tissue are contoured the way needed. Your belly button needs to be moved and for a few days, there will be drainage tubes.

    Quit smoking

    You need to quit smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and even after the surgery. If you smoke then complications are increased. The wound may heal extremely slowly which creates problems in the recovery.

    Don’t make a drastic change in the diet

    Before you choose to get the surgery, there is no need to make drastic changes in the diet. It is better that you focus on having a well-balanced and nutritious diet. With a healthy meal, you will heal faster.

    Inform the doctor about medications

    Make sure that you inform the doctor about all the medications you’re taking. Some of them need to be stopped before & even after the surgery.

    Prepare for the drive

    After the surgery, you should ask someone to drive you back to your home. It is better when you are prepared in advance.

    How tummy tuck is performed?

    In tidal, the surgery will take 1 to 5 hours. Depending on your condition, you need to stay in the hospital overnight. Your doctor will tell you better what you need to do. During the surgery, you will be administered general anesthesia which means you won’t know what is happening.

    How to take care of yourself after surgery?

    No matter what type of treatment plan is customized for you, it is essential that you follow the instructions given by the surgeon. He will suggest to you how to take proper care of the bandage. The surgeon will also suggest the right position which you need to follow as it helps in reducing the pain.

    At least for 6 weeks, you need to limit the strenuous workout regime. For smooth recovery and best outcomes, make sure that you take off for one month. As per the doctor’s advice, manage your daily routine.

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