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Cosmetic Gynecology SRS Surgery

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    Transgender individuals have made a social acceptance in recent years. Although, certain barriers still need to be addressed. Through the healthcare provider, the needs and demands of the individuals can be met. This is because the SRS (Sexual reassignment surgery) has seen a huge demand.

    Get the best treatment from the experts

    Under the assistance of the experienced and skilled team, the transgender procedure can be performed. Most importantly, with the board-certified surgeon, you can be sure that the surgery is performed with precision. The best surgeon follows a multidisciplinary approach & provides the highest level of care. The cosmetic surgeon also ensures to address all the needs of the patients.

    Gender Confirmation Surgery (Sexual Reassignment Surgery)

    The experienced doctor has the expertise to carry out a penile inversion vaginoplasty, by including advanced and up-to-date treatments. With this surgical approach, the patient can expect the following:

    • The vaginal opening is sensitive

    • Approx 6 to 7 inches of vaginal depth

    • Provides the natural appearance

    It is termed as pencils inversion, the doctor makes use of the penile skin for the vaginal opening. The deeper section is formed through the grafted scrotal skin. The blood supply and the sensory nerves are obtained from the glans penis tissues. The labia majora is formed through the scrotal tissue.

    How should I prepare for the procedure?

    Initially, the doctor will perform a detailed history of the patient to understand your overall well-being. The doctor ensures that you are fit to undergo the surgical process and your body can take the effect of anesthesia.

    • Before the surgery, you should not smoke or use any tobacco product for one month.

    • Additionally, you should not take aspirin or any NSAIDs. This is because it makes your blood thin and this increases the chances of bleeding.

    • If you have other medical issues, then the doctor will address the situation beforehand. The doctor will suggest you not take vitamins, supplements, or herbal medications as they can pose a negative impact on the body. Also, you need to follow a clear liquid diet.

    When can I notice the results?

    With this surgical approach, the results are noticed right away. The healing takes several weeks to months. Initially, the groin will be swollen. The patients can get back to their sexual regime within 2 to 3 months.

    What does the recovery feel like?

    Right after the surgery, for several days, the patient needs to stay in the hospital. At this time, they can perform a light activity or need to do bed rest. After 5 days, the doctor takes away the dressing and the first dilation is carried out. Through this approach, the patient can feel utmost comfort.

    Once the dressing is taken away, dilation is done daily which helps to maintain the depth and vaginal size. Make sure that you are extremely careful for the first 6 months and follow the necessary tips shared by the doctor.

    When should I visit for a follow-up?

    Following the surgery, you need to visit the surgeon at the specified time scheduled. Make sure that you give your body the time to heal completely and follow the post-operative instructions.

    Get the best care

    If you feel the procedure is right for you or you have been looking for someone experienced surgeon to carry out the treatment, then book your initial consultation with us.

    Our doctor is committed to provide the patients with the best care and also address all their doubts right away. We here for you, to take proper care of your future needs with the best treatment which results in increased success.

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