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Hymen Restructuring

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    The hymen is the closing membrane that is close to the cervix. The presence of this membrane is proof of virginity in some cultures which we agree is not the correct measure. Because owing to the perpetual exposure to athletic activities, the hymen gets broken. Since this problem can become a hindrance in the happy married life of the couples. To avoid that thing coming in being, hymen restructuring is proposed by the proficient cosmetic surgeons of the Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre.

    In which situations should you take this up?

    • Cultural constraints

    If you have lost your virginity before marriage or your hymen is broken because of athletes or sports as your favourite subject, then you should consider undergoing hymen restructuring. This is the best way to relive your virginity all over again.

    • For the Rape survivors

    We all know the mental state of the woman after she has suffered from the oppression of the rape. So they need a consultation with a psychologist. The psychologist usually suggests undergoing the hymen reconstruction as it helps the rape survivor to incorporate a bit of confidence in them.

    • Vaginal Injuries

    Sometimes, the accidents affect the vagina by leaving serious injuries or scars on it. We understand that no woman will be able to participate in the intercourse act to her fullest if she is conscious about the emergence of her vagina.

    Which candidates are usually deemed fit for such type of surgery?

    The woman is physically and mentally healthy.

    The woman who has realistic expectations of the results after the surgery is considered fit for this surgery.

    What happens in the first stage?

    The first stage of the procedure is Initial deliberation or consultation. This is a required stage in which you get a view of the outcomes of the procedure. At this stage, the dermatologist determines whether you should be undergoing this procedure based on your medical history.

    What should you know about the procedure?

    • First and foremost, make yourself comfortable since it is an outpatient procedure. It means you can go home the same day after the completion of the surgery.
    • Following that, this surgery is completed within 30 to 35 minutes.
    • You would not feel even a bit of pain, nevertheless, it is done under the sedation effect of the local anaesthesia.

    Will your partner be able to get a clue about it?

    No, the surgery is so efficiently performed by the experienced cosmetic surgeons of Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre that your partner will not be able to have any doubt about your hymen.

    Why should you approach us?

    • First of all, we understand the critical nature of this treatment. For this, we are always responsible for keeping your information extremely confidential.
    • Secondly, we know as far as the reproductive or sexual organs are concerned, women are usually scared or uncomfortable with the opposite gender doctor. So, we make sure that the assistance of a female doctor is provided to you if possible. Otherwise, the availability of the female nurse will always be there.

    What should be expected in the recovery process?

    The patient should expect the following in the recovery stage:

    • Mild scarring

    A little scarring or spots may or may not come to emergence. But that too will fade away on their own.

    • A little discomfort

    A little bit of discomfort will be experienced. But it is relevant to mention here that you will not feel even a bit of pain.

    If you are interested in reliving the virginity by restructuring the hymen, then please contact us or fill the query form given below.

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