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A balding person can benefit from this procedure.in it, the hair from the site on the scalp which has abundant hair growth(donor area) is extracted and implanted on the area with scanty growth(recipient area). It is used for transplant on the scalp but is now being increasingly y used for eyebrows, eyelashes and other areas as well.

If done by experienced doctors, the transplant will be highly durable. The experts can very well differentiate between the permanent and temporary roots while extracting them from the donor area.

The enlargement of the breast area is the most common symptom. The breast tissue usually grows up to more than 0.5 cm in diameter. It is best to visit a doctor if you suspect such a condition.

Yes, there are natural ways to get rid of gynecomastia. These methods include doing exercises, staying away from foods that stimulate the production of estrogen and avoiding medicines which can cause such a side effect. One should also stay away from plastics, herbicides, and pesticides which can cause hormonal imbalance.

Men usually experience gynecomastia during adolescence period due to the hormonal imbalance. Usually, boys develop this condition between the age of 10-14 years. In some cases , it might be seen up to the age of 17 years. It usually goes away on itself without needing any treatment.

It is an invasive method to improve body contouring by sucking out the excess fat deposits between the skin and the muscle.

It signifies a liposuction technique in which tumescent local anaesthesia is used to eliminate any chance of danger during the surgery.

The cost depends on the areas being treated. While one area will require fewer fees, multiple areas will require more fees.

It provides an effective way to keep your underarms and other hairy areas hair free for a long time. You will save a lot of effort and time by undergoing this one procedure instead of heading for the parlour every month. It will also relieve you of the pain of tweezing threading and waxing.

Both men and women can avail this facility to get rid of unwanted hair. While women may avail it to get a satin smooth skin in the underarms, legs, and other areas, men can get their hair removed from the back and neck.

The procedure is carried out by emitting light from a source to the area of unwanted hair. The hair follicles get exposed and heated up due to the light. The hair follicles get damaged as a result and stop producing hair. A pulse of light can treat a large area at once, which makes the process quick and easy.

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