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Laser Hair Removal

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    Laser Hair Removal Center in Vizag, Adhara Pradesh, India

    Laser Hair Treatment in Visakhapatnam is an option which best suits people who don’t want to opt for shaving, tweezing, or waxing. It is a procedure which helps in removing hair through laser beams. It is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures in the USA. It works by applying the principle that highly concentrated laser beams when directed towards hair follicles, resulting in the destruction of the follicles.

    why its done

    Why it's done?

    The procedure is great to hit among those people who want to do away with their unwanted hair but want long lasting results. The common areas for which the treatment is availed are armpits, legs, upper lip, chin, and the bikini line. Other areas may be freed of hair growth with this technique. Only the eyelids and the surrounding area are not treated with this technique.

    The success of this technique depends on the type of hair color and type of skin. It follows the basic principle that the pigment of the hair should absorb the rays, not the pigment of the skin. The laser should be directed in such a way that the hair follicles get damaged, leaving the skin unharmed. Thus a contrast between the hair and the skin color has the best outcomes.

    If the contrast between the hair color and skin is less, then there are high chances of destruction to the skin. Laser hair removal is less effective for hair color which doesn’t have the capacity for absorbing well. Gray, red, blond and white hair come in this category. Further work is being done in this direction.

    How It Works

    The laser rays work on the principle that a concentrated beam of laser rays aimed at the skin with hair growth results in follicle damage. The damage causes retardation of hair growth in the future. The technique is good enough to remove hair growth from various areas of the body for quite a long time. The results vary from individual to individual as people have a different color of hair and skin.Painful or not  The pain felt during the treatment is also dependent on the pain threshold of the person. It may feel like a gentle pinch to some while like the snap of a hot rubber band to others.The following points are to be kept in mind regarding laser hair removal-It doesn’t produce permanent results. As we all know, hair has three phases in its cycle. The results will be the most effective when the hair is caught in the growth phase.Post-treatment,  a zap break out is a likely possibility. It is caused due to the hair follicles being left open for a few days. The same can be treated with antibacterial or hydrocortisone cream.One should also avoid tanning before taking the treatment as darker skin is prone to absorbing the laser rays even before it reaches the follicles.

    How To Save The Skin Before And After The Treatment

    The person who intends to undergo laser hair removal must avoid using Renova, Retin-A, and AHAs before the treatment. This top holds true for waxing, depilatory creams or other hair removal options.The person should avoid exposure to chlorine, saltwater and sun after shaving, waxing or using a depilatory cream for a day. The same holds true for laser hair removal for a week.

     Comparisons with other removal techniques

      Comparison with electrolysis

    Process Of Hair Removal

    Electrolysis: A thin metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle in such a manner that it doesn’t puncture the skin. Then a low-level electrical pulse is directed towards the hair follicle. It causes the hair to fall out. The process is repeated for all the hair strands in the designated area.

    Laser: It uses pulsated light beams to cause intentional damage to the melanin in the hair follicle. The heated melanin burns and causes the hair follicle to stop producing the hair. Many hair follicles are targeted in one go as the treatment window has a good size.


    Electrolysis: This process is suitable for anyone, irrespective of their hair color or skin color. It is suitable as it targets not the pigment in the hair but the hair follicle itself. It is a good option if the area chosen is not large as each individual hair follicle can be treated one by one.

    Laser: It is usually more effective for people with dark skin. It fails to produce optimal results for people with dark skin. It is not suitable for people who have light skin and dark hair as the laser rays target the pigment in the hair, melanin. It is suitable for both large and small areas of the body.

    Number of Sessions

    Electrolysis: The process can be quite lengthy as each individual hair follicle is being treated. If the person is aiming for permanent hair removal, it will be completed in 15-30 sessions which are spaced over one month. Each session lasts for 15 -60 minutes. The length of time taken usually depends on the area being treated.

    Laser: Permanent hair reduction requires 5-8 treatment sessions which are at an interval of 4-8 weeks. The length of the session may range from 16-90 minutes, according to the area being treated.

    Comparison With Shaving

    With the summer season reaching its peak, it is time to flaunt your shorts and sleeveless dresses. But before that, you will have to do away with your unwanted hair. You may prefer to have it with a razor. Shaving may give immediate results but it can damage your skin and expose it to many infections. Also, you will need frequent rounds of shaving to maintain that flawless look. We can suggest another method of hair removal which will yield perfect results. A comparison between the two techniques will definitely make you understand the plus points of laser hair removal.


    Criteria Shaving Laser Hair Removal
    How it Works Hair removal takes place
    only at the skin surface
    Laser removal occurs at
    the level below the skin.
    The follicle destruction
    stops the hair from
    growing back
    How Long It Lasts Hair begins to grow back
    after a few days
    Hair regrows slowly
    Best for Large areas and areas
    which are easy to reach
    like under arms and legs
    It can be used for most
    body parts, like legs, chest
    , back, face, underarms, and
    bikini area.

    Comparison With Waxing

    Working: Waxing gives results but the peeling and pulling may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. It is seriously not fit for sensitive areas of the body, especially the bikini area.

    With the laser treatment, you will not be dealing with pulling and peeling through some amount of pain may be felt. It is an ideal way to remove hair from your sensitive areas.

    Results: The results can be seen immediately after the waxing procedure. Laser treatment takes about 6 weeks or more to show significant hair loss.

    Cost: Waxing costs really low and you can get it done once or twice amonth without feeling the pinch.

    Laser removal costs a bomb as compared to waxing.

    caomparison with waxing

    Permanency of results: Waxing results last about a month. The hair starts regrowing a few days soon after the procedure.

    Laser treatment offers long lasting hair removal.Sometimes the results are permanent in some areas.


    The procedure is a great way to remove hair but it needs to be administered in the right way.If the exposure period or the amount of the laser beam is not appropriate, it may lead to disastrous results. In the past, we have heard of many cases where the procedure got botched up and led to the burning of the skin. It may lead to disfiguring burns and permanent scarring of the skin. The problem may partly be due to untrained professionals handling such delicate treatment methods. Many spa and salon owners claim to offer the services but any unlicensed person is offering you nothing but a hazard. So it is highly recommended that you approach only certified professional for this job. Otherwise, you will be risking your skin and your money.


    There are various types of laser treatments available in the market –

    1. Argon
    2. Ruby
    3. Alexandrite
    4. Pulsed diode array
    5. Nd:YAG
    6. Intense pulsed light (IPL is not a laser)
    Laser Hair Removal TYPES


    It is a laser technology which is used to remove anomalies related to eyelashes. Ingrown eyelashes show the conditions like trichiasis      and distichiasis. It is strongly recommended for people who have problems with hair growth in their eyelashes. It is a delicate procedure and is recommended only to be carried out by experts.

    2.Ruby: For the fair ones

    It is one of the first laser treatment designed for the process of hair removal. It is suitable for fair and thin hair as it has got a high rate of melanin absorption. It is good for pale people. It is so because it can cause discoloration if the skin is dark. The patch test is usually carried out 24 hours before the appointment so that the suitability of the laser is ascertained.

    3.Alexandrite:  a boon for olive skin

    It has a shorter wavelength than ND:YAG , another type of laser treatment. The repetition rate is fast and the spot size is bigger. Needless to say, it is the perfect type of treatment for eliminating large patches of hair. Legs would benefit from this type of treatment as the area is quite a bit!

    4.Pulsed Diode Array: best for all kinds of skin

    It is a new technique which uses diodes which work on a range of various wavelengths. The wavelength can be set according to your hair and skin.The required wavelength will be set by the technician. It is a good option for people with pale to medium skin tone. It is a highly successful way of eliminating unwanted hair growth. The evaluation carried out after 4 months of the evaluation showed only a sparse hair growth in 59 % subjects. Long term efficacy could be seen. Darker skin types showed it in 29 % subjects.


    5.Nd:YAG: laser for the darker skin

    It is the perfect laser for people with darker skin tone. It is specially formulated for people with high melanin concentration. It has long infrared wavelengths which ignore the high melanin content in the dark skin and act towards eliminating the hair follicles.

    6. IPL: best for pale skin and light hair

    Yes, technically, it is not a laser. It stands for intense pulsed light therapy. It has become one of the most popular modes of hair removal. So this content will not be complete without mentioning it. It stands apart from laser treatment in the mannerism in which it works. It is used to send out a whole spectrum of light. In contrast, the laser sends out a single beam of light. The IPL is less powerful than the laser. It has lower efficacy than laser. It is the best treatment for fair hair. It also costs lesser than laser.

    Laser Treatment Light Source Suitable For
    Argon Turquoise/Cyan or Green Eyelashes
    Ruby Deep red Pale
    Alexandrite Near-infrared All skin types
    Pulsed diode array Near-infrared Pale skin
    Nd:YAG Infrared Dark complexion
    Intense pulsed light (IPL is not a laser) Not a laser Pale to medium








    7. Cost

    Country United States United Kingdom India
    Cost $200-800 $290-$581 $ 13 onwards


    8. Number of sessions

    There is a humdrum about how many sessions are actually required for getting completely hair free. While many experts vary in their answers, we will let you know the secret to the answer. Well, you see, it actually depends on the growth cycle of your hair. When you take the laser session, about 80 % of the follicles are in the area exposed to the laser beam. These follicles will shed their hair due to the effect of the laser. But additional hair follicles will begin their growth cycle. So you see you will have to undergo multiple treatments for a period of 4-6 weeks. Multiple treatments will result in the reduction of hair follicles. With each treatment, you will be reducing the hair-producing follicles. So at the end of 4-6 treatments, you will most likely eliminate over 95 % of the hair-producing follicles. For complete hair removal, you will have to avail a customized approach as your body, skin type and the hormones influencing your hair growth are unique. So the number of sessions you are going to require will depend entirely on a variety of factors. Of course, it can be worked out for various individuals.

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