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Male Genital Surgery

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    With medical advancement on the rise, most people are turning towards them. Both men and women wish to shape their genitals. Many men are concerned about their penis and the only thing which can be modified about the penis is the foreskin. Whatever your concern is, consult the best plastic surgeon for male genital surgery. During this approach, the foreskin or loose skin is removed along with frenulum length.

    In some cases, the men want to get foreskin circumcision. Most of the men prefer this approach. If you talk about scientific evidence then it has shown that men do not suffer from cervical cancer and it also promotes hygiene.

    Is it possible to get penis enlargement?

    In medical science, there is no such approach for penis enlargement. All that is possible, is to put a little bit forward from the socket. If that happens, the erection will not be held firmly. If you think about the functional and aesthetic benefits, then you should know it can do more harm than good.

    Am I a suitable candidate for the surgery?

    If the foreskin is narrow to the level it is difficult to pull over, then the doctor suggests you get a circumcision. The problem can result in gland swelling as the penis is strangulated. The circumcision can be considered by the men who think the foreskin is not good, hygienic, or for personal reasons.

    How is it beneficial to get circumcision?

    Some studies have shown that it reduces the risk of penile cancer. The risk is likely to increase due to the foreskin or the substance present underneath it. If you undergo this surgery, then the risk of transmission is reduced that automatically reduces the development of cervical cancer in women.

    • Some of the experts even suggest that it addresses the issue of premature ejaculation & men’s sexual endurance.
    • More likely, it prevents the chances of bacterial infection and fungal infection.
    • The circumcision also reduces the likelihood of HIV transmission. So, if we consider from the medical point of view then the risk involved is extremely less. Despite this finding, it is necessary to use condoms during intercourse.

    What is its surgical approach?

    Male circumcision takes less time. During this surgical method, the foreskin covering the penis tip is removed. The wound is sutured which is absorbable.

    Is it painful?

    If you are concerned about pain, then medical advancement has covered that for you. This approach is performed under the effect of general anesthesia. In some cases, local anesthesia is administered. Following surgery, the treated area is sensitive as compared. Apart from that, you should not be concerned about pain and you will feel normal within a few days.

    What happens after surgery?

    Following general anesthesia, you need to stay in the hospital for half or one day. In case of local anesthesia, the patient can go back home after the procedure. For one day, the area should be covered with a sterile and leave it as it is. Although, disinfect the area several times for 3 weeks after surgery or as suggested by the doctor.

    What happens after the surgery?

    Following the surgery, you need to visit the doctor for follow-ups. Make sure that you take the necessary medications or follow the instructions as suggested by the doctor. In case you have any doubt, then make sure to clear it right away with the doctor.

    Wrap up!

    If you think the procedure is right for you, then you should schedule a consultation with our health expert. 

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