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Breast Reduction

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    What is breast reduction surgery?

    The breast reduction surgical approach helps to take away the tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts. For the women whose breast is large as compared to the rest of the body will have back pain, neck pain, and other unwanted symptoms. Considering the breast reduction surgery will be the reliable choice. Most importantly the results are extremely satisfying.

    What happens during breast reduction surgery consultation?

    Talking about the medical history

    Before the surgery, you will meet your surgeon and you need to talk about your past medical history. Make sure to inform the doctor whether you had a lump or any other breast tissue. You also need to inform them about your family history. Make sure to tell the doctor everything.

    Ask you about your goals

    The breast images are taken along with the necessary measurement. The doctor will also discuss what results you are looking for. It is important to keep your expectations realistic.

    Understanding of surgery

    You will get everything information about the surgery and a recovery plan is also prepared for you. Before surgery, mammograms are done.

    Quit smoking and certain medications

    Make sure to inform the doctor if you smoke or any current health medications. As both of them need to be stopped to ensure proper healing. The surgeon will give you all the necessary instructions which you need to bear in mind.

    How should I prepare for breast reduction surgery?

    Initially, your overall well-being needs to be in the right state. Most importantly follow the surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery. Get everything ready in advance. After the surgery, ask someone to drive you back home.

    What steps are performed in breast reduction surgery?

    According to your condition, you need to stay in the hospital for one night or be discharged on the same day. Throughout the procedure will be asleep as you are administered general anesthesia. In total, it takes 2 to 5 hours or longer. Here is the surgical approach which the surgeon can use to perform surgery:

    • Liposuction

    During liposuction, through the small cut, a thin tube is inserted into the skin. The tube has a vacuum attached to it which takes out fat and fluids. For patients who breast reduction is needed in limited size will be best when performed with liposuction.

    • Lollipop or vertical

    The vertical method is best for breast reduction to be performed on a moderate level and visible sagging. Around the areola and down to the breast crease, the surgeon will cut. The extra fat and tissue are removed which helps to reshape & lift the breast.

    • Inverted-T or anchor

    During Anchor, around the areola edge, the cut is made which goes to the breast crease and beneath the breast crease. This surgical approach is best suited for patients who need a larger breast reduction. Also, when the breast is extremely uneven and saggy.

    How does the recovery feel?

    Following the surgery, you should take off for at least one week. However, every individual is different so do not compare your situation with others. Make sure to visit for a follow-up check-up.

    Following the surgery, you need to stop doing any type of physical activity for at least one month. After the surgery, there will be breast pain and you will feel tired. Make sure that you take the pain medications on time. If you have any concerns then talk to the doctor right away.

    What are the emergencies?

    • If you notice infection, tenderness, swelling, or redness on or around the surgical site.
    • Incision sites have unusual discharge.
    • Stitches come out before time.

    If you noticed any such issue or have any doubt in your mind then clear it right away with the doctor.

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