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Hair Transplant in Kakinada

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    Hair Transplant in Kakinada

    Losing hair in excess, is one of the most difficult sights, especially when you begin to lose your hair at an early age. But, ‘Do you know there is a treatment plan which has shown its magic?’ It’s not magic, it’s just the way the specific treatment works & how effectively it addresses the hair loss condition. To save your hair locks from the impact of baldness & thin hair, you need to undergo a Hair Transplant in Kakinada. The way hair transplant treatment works and its amazing success rate is the reason, many individuals have chosen this path when nothing worked to save their hair locks. Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre has the finest & most inventive technology to perform a hair transplant. If you are wondering, ‘How will your treatment get customized?’ Talk to your hair expert over the initial consultation. 

    Cost of the hair transplant procedure

    The Hair transplant cost in Kakinada is going to depend on different factors like surgeon’s qualification, the total number of hair grafts needed, severity of hair loss, and other possible factors which the doctor will analyze. 


    Per graft comparison of hair transplant cost

    Number of hair grafts On lower side On Higher side No of Sittings Required (1 sitting = 4 to 6 hours )
    500 to 1000 Hair Grafts Rs 35,000/- Rs 45,000/- 1
    1000 – 1500 Hair Grafts Rs 46,000/- Rs 67,500/- 1
    1500 – 2000 Hair Grafts Rs 65,000/- Rs 90,000/- 1 – 2
    2000 – 2500 Hair Grafts Rs 80,000/- Rs 1,12,500/- 1-2
    2500 – 3000 Hair Grafts Rs 90,000/- Rs 1,35,000/- 2
    3000 – 3500 Hair Grafts Rs, 1,00,000 Rs 1,10,000 2
    3500 – 4000 Hair Grafts Rs 1,30,000 Rs 1,60,000 2 – 3


    *The cost mentioned in the above table is just an assumption to let you know about the cost. The actual amount will be known to you when you schedule your initial consultation with the doctor. 

    Hair transplant procedure

    During the hair transplant procedure, the hair grafts are extracted precisely through the use of the latest treatment plan. The doctor is going to choose the method of hair transplant type as per your condition which is between the FUE & FUT. The new and improved technology & treatment plan is the reason the final results are what you want them to be. In simple terms, the hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is extremely less.

    The benefit of undergoing hair transplant

    • Natural-looking results
    • Permanent hair growth
    • Boost your confidence
    • Boost your self-esteem
    • Transform your look
    • No linear scar or minimal scar (depending on hair transplant type)
    • Minimal downtime
    • Customized treatment by determining the extent of hair loss & other possible factors

    Can hair transplant only restore scalp hair?

    Well! The hair transplant is an inventive and modern method that can be used for other approaches too. It is not only going to deal with baldness but it can effectively address the hair loss concern in different scenarios like:

    • Eyebrow hair transplant

    If your eyebrow growth is extremely less, then you can get it restored with the transplant. So, get the touch-up or get it enhanced, the choice is yours. 

    • Female pattern baldness hair transplant

    Even for female hair loss, this treatment works effectively. You can get your treatment planned by the doctor. 

    • Body hair transplant

    It means taking the hair grafts from one body part and then transplanting them onto another. 

    Schedule your initial consultation

    Are you facing hair loss in excess? No worries…Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre has got the best treatment plan for you to save your hair locks once and for all. Schedule your initial consultation & know in detail about the treatment.

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