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Thigh Lift

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    Thigh Lift

    Thigh lift surgery in vizag, Who does not want to flaunt legs by wearing the one piece or shorts? But what if the thighs are so saggy? If you are among those who feel conscious about the thighs while wearing thigh revealing outfits, then you are on the right page. Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre have helped many models with effective thigh lift surgery for whom disfigured thighs were a point of embarrassment. We never tamper with the body in a way that it looks superficial, we rather focus on giving you an appealing and natural look simultaneously.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre has designed an eligibility criteria for the patients seeking the help of thigh lift surgery whose paramount credentials are as follow:

    • The main cause of the excessive augmentation of the thighs should either be the deposits of the fats as the thin layers or augmentation of the soft tissues associated with the thighs
    • There is a set criteria for the ideal weight according to the age groups. If the individual is overweight, then he will not be considered an ideal candidate for this procedure since there will be probability for the patient to experience the drooping skin all over again which makes him discontented. We never give false hope to our patients for the sake of money.
    • Keeping in mind the invasive nature of the procedure, the patient ought to have good health without being afflicted with any of the disease.
    • The patient who desires to take up the procedure should not be addicted to smoking or alcohol.
    • The patient should be psychologically healthy and he should be able to maintain a good diet and exercise schedule after the performance of the surgery.


    We know, in this period where everybody is somehow oppressed with some kind of financial problem, they are sure to consider this factor as the decisive factor.

    But it is relevant to mention here, the cost factor at VJC Health Care depends on the some situations like:

    • The amount of the excessive skin that is needed to be determined
    • The dimensions and location of the extra skin
    • The diagnostic testing
    • The overall health
    • Where is the surgical procedure to be performed?
    • The post-operative medications
    • The type of sedation used whilst the procedure
    • Any other surgical treatment taken along with the thigh lift

    The main factor which is believed to be deciding the cost is the type of procedure.Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre offers the subsequent thigh lift techniques based on different cases:

    • Inner thigh lift
    • Mini Thigh Lift
    • Bilateral thigh lift
    • Medial thigh lift

    Dermatologists or Surgeons

    The common question which clicks in every patient’s mind is whether the surgeon or dermatologist will be able to fetch the best and desired result with the performance of the procedure, then to answer that question we have listed some of the quintessential points below:

    • Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

    The surgeons at Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre are not only experienced but they are certified cosmetic surgeons who are holding a validating license to carry out the procedure.

    • Years of practice

    You will not be the first patient they are going to treat. They do have years of practising experience with the surgeons who have already made a mark in this field.

    • Speciality

    We have however reversed the old saying and modified it as ‘Jack of all trades, master of one’. Our surgeons or dermatologists are no doubt maven in multidisciplinary approaches. But they do hold an expertise in particular fields. Because we believe that having your mind in more than one thing can baffle you. As long as our patients are concerned, we are not ready to take any risk.

    • Thigh lift incisions

    We always believe in using the procedure which is minimally invasive. As every case is unique, VJC Health care believes in personalizing the treatment plan according to the full body examination. So the type of incisions will thoroughly be based on your body and its capability to undergo the procedure.

    So book your appointment with the expert team of Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre right away to achieve the results of hot and sexy legs that are worth-flaunting.

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