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    The term to satisfy oneself that even the moon has scars sounds good for short term satisfaction. But is it convenient for you to use that similar tactic daily? No!!. After trying all the useless home remedies and the pigmentation lightening acclaimed cosmetic products, you will eventually consider visiting the best dermatologist who will help you to get a spotless complexion.

    Dark Spots…What is it?

    Dark spots can be considered as the indicators of the game. The more the progression of age, the more the number or intensity of dark spots. These can either appear gradually or have the potential to emerge overnight.

    The intensity of the pigmentation effect is flexible to get lightened or darker.

    What you should avoid doing with the Dark spots?

    It is recommended that you should not use cosmetic or medical products which claim to remove freckles or dark spots. Because if you do so without the prescription of the doctor, then you will end up deteriorating the condition of your face.

    How do these spots come to origin?

    We all know that the shade of our complexion is critically affected by the presence of melanin content in our body. The higher the melanin content, the darker the complexion and the less amount of melanin will result in a light skin tone.


    Are there any causes of the dark spots emerging?

    The main reason for dark spots to occur is hyperpigmentation and that comes to origin if any of the following is responsible:

    • Lentigines

    Not all dark spots are related to age. There are some which occur because of excessive and perpetual exposure to UV Rays. These UV Rays are responsible for deteriorating the quality of your skin as a whole or particularly in certain areas. The spots resulting from the UV Rays are tiny but many spread in the particular area. These can emerge among young boys or girls.

    • Melasma

    The body of the females undergoes quintessential changes as compared to that of the males. And whenever extreme fluctuations or changes in the hormones come up, then the dark spots is one of those common phenomena which is definite to occur. Such events can be described as the ones which happen during conception (Pregnancy) and menopause ( Stoppage of periods forever). To avoid dark spots, the woman should limit their dependency on birth control pills, because such pills do produce excessive triggering effects on the hormones.

    • Post-Inflammatory-Hyperpigmentation

    PIH is the condition of the occurrence of the dark spots that specifically pops up owing to the post effects of two conditions such as Burns and acne. On this account, the professionals of the Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre suggest getting acne and burns treated at the initial stage.

    Are the dark spots harmful or have any adverse effect if not treated?

    No, as such no adverse consequence of dark spots have been found. But yes!! Some people still want to get them treated because of cosmetic reasons in their desire to look pleasant and good.

    Which procedures are offered by the Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre?

    Professional dermatologists are adept in providing the following treatment:

    • Medication treatment

    In cases with mild dark spots, the dermatologist usually suggests the use of bleaching creams which gradually help to make the intensity fade away.

    • Medical procedures

    Following procedure help to remove the problem of dark spots from the root:

    • Laser treatment
    • Dermabrasion
    • Chemical Peels
    • Cryosurgery

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