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Lip Correction

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    What is lip correction?

    Lip Correction, Lip Reduction & Augmentation Cost in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Lip surgery helps to correct the lip contour which is not in the right state. The lip correction helps in realigning the shape and helps to give it the right symmetry and shape, the way it should be. The lip surgery cost in India begins from Rs 40,000. 

    *For correct information about the surgery and cost, you should consult the esteemed surgeon in Vizag. 

    Who is the suitable candidate for lip correction?

    Any individual can be benefited through lip surgery. The only requirement is that the person’s overall well-being should be in the right state. 


    What happens before the surgery?

    Your surgeon will give you the post-operative instructions which you need to follow. By doing so, it will help you get ready for the surgery and it will be carried out correctly. You need to stop the consumption of certain vitamins, herbs, and medications before the surgery. The surgeon will also perform certain tests to ensure that your overall health is right. 


    Dermal Fillers in Lip Surgery Correction

    Lip surgery correction is the area where dermal fillers are used. The fillers are an important part of cosmetic surgery and it is important to understand the fillers. These are hyaluronic acid and botox. Through the dermal fillers:

    • The skin gets smooth
    • The volume is restored

    One of the most common issues with lips is the occurrence of crow’s feet and through the fillers, the problem is eliminated. Through such lip correction procedures, the problem is solved completely. 


    What about lip augmentation?

    Our skin contains collagen which helps to make the skin glow. But with age, its production starts declining and the outer layer of the skin will get pigmented and it will develop wrinkles. The use of hyaluronic acid and botox will increase the collagen production which helps the lips to get the fullness it needs. In all, you will get the youthful look you like. 


    How is the procedure carried out?

    Before giving the fillers, the patient is given a mild numbing agent. Your surgeon will suggest you get multiple sessions before the desired results can be seen. Through the fillers, the collagen production is boosted in the lips which in turn will make them appear fuller and their perfect state will be restored. The usage of fillers has changed the treatment of cosmetic surgeries. Professional expertise is what helps you to get the transforming look you want. 


    How much are the recovery time and postpositive care?

    • Correct sleeping posture

    After the lip segmentation, you need to sleep with your face up so that there is no swelling. If you feel pain, then take the medications as prescribed by the doctor. 


    • Rest 


    Make sure that you rest as much as you can to get the desired results. 


    • Place ice bags


    If you have swelling, then place an ice bag on the area.


    • Scar appearance


    With time, as the recovery goes on the scar appearance is going to reduce. 

    In total, the recovery time will take around 8 to 11 days. To see the notable results, you need to wait for at least 2 months. 


    What questions should I ask the lip surgeon?

    No doubt, lip surgery results in successful outcomes. Still, you must have a one-on-one conversation with the surgeon to have better control over the recovery. Some of the questions to ask the surgeon are:

    • What is the total time needed for recovery?
    • What medications do I need to take?
    • When the stitches will be removed?
    • Do I need to follow a diet chart?
    • How long will the results last?
    • When do I need to get a follow-up check-up?

    For more information, book your initial consultation with our surgeon today only and get a bespoke treatment plan. 

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