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Arm Lift

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    What is an arm lift?

    Arm Lift in Vizag , An arm lift is also known by the name of Brachioplasty. This approach is categorized as cosmetic surgery. With this approach sagging underarms are treated which reduces the extra skin, makes the tissue smooth, and tightens them. For a toned and defined upper arm, this surgery will work wonders for you. Those who have lost a lot of weight will have extra skin and they can choose this option. No matter what is the reason behind sagging skin, an arm lift will be beneficial.

    How should I prepare for an arm lift?

    Before the surgery, you need to take certain steps to prepare yourself for the arm lift. This way the safety and effectiveness of the treatment are increased.

    Quit smoking

    1 to 2 months, before the treatment you should quit smoking. This way the complications are reduced. If you don’t then the wound will heal too slowly.

    Get preoperative evaluation

    Several weeks before you get the surgery, you need to get an evaluation. During this time, make sure that you ask as many questions as you can. By doing so, you will get ready to undergo the surgery. During the preoperative evaluation, the doctor will perform these things:

    • Chest X-ray
    • Lab work
    • The medication you need to take before surgery
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Adjusting the current medications you are taking

    What is the arm lift procedure?

    • Making incision

    When you visit to get the surgery, the doctor will plan where an incision is needed. Usually, the incision is made on the back or inside of the arm. Other options include the armpit or the one which extends from the top of the elbow to the armpit.

    • Anesthesia

    Depending on your situation, you will be given local or general anesthesia. As the marks are made, the doctor will reshape or tighten the arm. The skin is pulled back and the stitches help in closing the surgical wound.

    • Liposuction can be used

    If the arm has an extra pocket of fat then healing might take a lot of time. In this case, the doctor will suggest liposuction so that extra fat is removed. In total, the procedure will take 3 hours.

    • Ask someone to drive you home

    It is important to prepare for the drive-by by asking someone. As you are under the effect of anesthesia, so don’t drive on your own.

    What does the recovery feel like?

    During the recovery period, you need to wear a compression garment which helps in controlling swelling. Temporarily, there will be a drainage tube in the arm which helps in taking the blood or fluid which is built up following surgery.

    The doctor will tell you about the post-operative instructions you need to follow. It includes:

    • How to take care of wounds?
    • Which medications do you need to take?
    • What are the possible warning signs?
    • When do you need to visit for a follow-up appointment?

    Get back to the normal working routine

    It takes around 2 weeks for you to get back to your normal working routine. The normal activity level will be back within 6 weeks. In case, you notice any pain or unwanted issue, then seek medical intervention on time.

    What are the results of an arm lift?

    Arm lift results are great but you need to ensure that you are following the doctor’s instructions. Be it before or after surgery, you need to take every step with utmost caution. No doubt, with age the firmness will be lost. On the whole, the results are exceptional.

    For more information about the procedure or if you think the surgery is right for you, then book your initial consultation with our doctor.

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