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Are you thinking of undergoing hair transplant surgery? If yes, then this read would be perfect for you.

Hair loss is one of the most irritating and heartbreaking points of someone’s life. It is not easy to accept the receding hairline or bald patches that make you look shabby and old. But what else can you do at such a time? Well, the answer is pretty simple, Hair Transplant in Vizag. It is a simple yet effective treatment for hair loss. Mostly chosen option by many men and women for a healthy and natural outcome.

That being said, it is necessary to know all the given information about hair transplant surgery and its procedure. You would not want to jump into this vagabond without having much idea about the whole process.

We are going to disclose some of the questions that you must ask your doctor or surgeon during or before the hair transplant surgery for more transparency.

 Question To Ask Before Hair Transplant Treatment

Is hair transplant surgery the right option for me?

It is natural to have doubts about the procedure and will it be the best option for your hair loss. The main elements determining eligibility are your age, availability of donor’s hair, and pre-existing health conditions. If all these factors are checked as required, you can undergo the Hair Transplant in Kakinada. Doctors would recommend you not go for hair transplant surgery if you are young, as there are chances of hair falling later in life if it is genetics. It would be best if you instead waited until mature age to think about hair transplant surgery. An individual who has an underlying health condition like diabetes or hypertension should treat the condition first before their hair transplant surgery. If you do not have an adequate amount of donor’s hair, then also you would not be eligible for such hair loss remedies.

 What should I know about my hair transplant surgeon?

You should gather as much information about the doctor as possible. This would help you understand whether or not the surgeon is qualified enough to perform complicated and precise hair restoration surgery. You would want to achieve a natural-looking outcome which can only be gained when done under the guidance of a skilled doctor with highly advanced techniques and equipment.

 Which technology would be the best?

There are mainly only two techniques that are highly used in all the hair transplant clinics- FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction). Both the methods are highly advanced and give natural-looking results. In the FUT method, the doctor retrieves the hair strip from the donor’s site all at once and then transplants it back into the affected area by taking the follicles out of the strip. On the other hand, the FUE technique was more precise and less invasive as compared to FUT, which is why the doctor retrieves one follicle at a time from the back or the side of the scalp and implants it back with the same preciseness in the recipient area. The right choice for your hair loss treatment should be discussed with your doctor.

 Final Comments

Visit VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery And Hair Transplantation to discuss your options and treatment. Schedule your initial meeting with the skilled doctor and begin your new journey.

Imagine the effect cosmetic surgical options leave on the patients that with each passing year its demand only keeps on increasing. No doubt, medical advancement has even proved effective and beneficial and everyone feels attracted towards getting them done on time. The most important and asked for the procedure which has been done till now is Hair transplant in Vizag. Not just in the past, but even in the coming years, its use is going to keep on increasing with time.

Hair Transplant: One of the best and effective in terms of results

There is no doubt as to how effective the hair transplant results are. Undergoing the hair transplant in Kakinada can save your hair locks once and for all. It’s the technological advancement that is making its way among the patients and it continues to do the same because of the way final results are obtained.

Natural-looking and permanent hair growth

Hair Transplant in Kakinada is gaining attention because of the natural results. In many cases, people opted for the non-surgical treatment plan and kept on using them for months. Until they realized it’s actually like wasting money on something which won’t be effective.

Just think for yourself!

What’s the fun of having temporary results?

Will it be cost-effective to use medications over and over again?


Even if you know this, then what’s the wait? When natural and permanent hair growth can be obtained with a hair transplant then what’s the point in getting other treatment options.

The safe and improved treatment option

Be it FUE or FUT hair transplant method the results are effective with both options. It’s also the way treatment is carried out & done so that there is no issue. The expertise of a hair restoration surgeon will make sure the treatment is carried out with as much ease as possible.

In the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, the hair transplant will be performed with utmost safety. So, that improved & desired look is what you will get through the hair transplant treatment plan.

Following safety measures are important

After the hair transplant surgery, the individuals need to follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor. Even if the doctor suggests you take some medication then it has to be taken on time. Some of the things which are important to follow includes:

  • After the surgery, keep the scalp elevated as it helps to reduce swelling. Moreover, it will allow the hair grafts to not get rubbed against anything otherwise it might damage the grafts.

  • Following the surgery, no need to get yourself involved in any sort of strenuous regime as it might affect the healing. As it can lead to sweating which can make you itch and that has to be avoided after the surgery.

  • Do not wear any cloth which has to be passed through the head. It’s better to wear something which needs to be buttoned or zipped completely.

At least for a few months following all the necessary suggestions given by the surgeon so that within 8 to 12 months results are visible.

Hair transplant has proven to be an elixir for many patients while they are struggling with hair loss or the problem of baldness knocking on their door at a young age. Indeed! This treatment has proven to be the best in all ways. If you are still 50-50 on your decision of getting the Hair transplant in Kakinada then this is your guide to read about the patients who have been benefited from hair transplant treatment.

A gratified patient who choose hair transplant in 2021

Samay Chandok

Since college, I have been a fashion enthusiast. From head to toe, I always made sure I looked the best and nothing less than that. But, ‘Who has seen the future?’ If someone would have seen the future then don’t you think things would have been way more different. I also hoped the same when my hair loss triggered. The best part is that I did not neglect the situation and made a prompt decision.

Search for the best hair restoration surgeon

I did some research and came across Dr. C Vijay Kumar. As my friend is living in Vizag so I asked him to gather some information about his expertise and approach towards hair transplant. I was amazed at what I heard about the doctor. He is one of the best hair restoration surgeons for Hair transplant in Vizag. I was stunned when I came to know he has the expertise of 40+ years. I scheduled my consultation through email and the team responded to me back and scheduled the consultation.

Meeting the doctor face-to-face

I flew from Mumbai to Vizag to have a face-to-face consultation with the doctor. Dr. C Vijay Kumar is a crackerjack hair restoration surgeon as his skills and expertise are way too different and better than anyone. It might be easy to say in words but when you consult him personally you will get to know about his aura and approach towards the patients. Before customizing my hair transplant treatment, the doctor checked my hair loss condition & diagnosed the reason behind hair loss. Depending on the same I got the necessary treatment plan.

FUE hair transplant with 4000 hair grafts

It’s an experience that I will never forget in my life. Considering my hair loss, the doctor suggested that I get an FUE hair transplant with 4000 hair grafts. It took around 6 to 7 hours to perform the procedure.

Samay Chandok, ‘’The journey of getting a hair transplant might seem long to you but once you see the results everything is just worth it. It’s actually like getting your lost confidence back. Altogether I felt like I am a new person. Utmost gratitude towards Dr. C Vijay Kumar for helping me in my hair loss journey.’

Are you planning to go somewhere for the new year?

You still have some time. Why don’t you consult one of the best hair restoration surgeons in Vizag to transform your look? You know the name who you have to trust for the procedure. Simply, schedule the initial consultation to feel utmost good about yourself.

When you come home with the newly transplanted hair grafts, then there are some things that you need to be aware of. There are some Do’s and Don’ts that each of us needs to follow to make sure that our transplanted hair grafts are not facing any problems in surviving at the scalp.

Did you know?

The doctors alone can not claim the success for each of the Hair Transplant in Vizag. The success can not be aimed alone. It requires the collective efforts of both the doctors and the patients.

Do’s After a Hair Transplant

  • Do have someone along with you

You should neither come to undergo the procedure alone nor should you go home alone. You must have someone along with you who would drive you to your home. Driving after being administered with anesthesia is not suggested.

  • Do sleep with an elevated head

You must not sleep without a pillow placed underneath your neck. It will keep you from circulating your blood evenly throughout your body.

  • Do take the medication at the proper time

You must not miss any of the medications which the cosmetic surgeon has suggested to you.

  • Do apply ice

3 to 4 days after the hair transplant, it is quite common for the area above the eyebrow to suffer from swelling. You can shun that swelling off with the help of the ice application.

  • Do make sure to have a gentle hair washing

After 5 days, you will be allowed to wash your hair. But the washing must be very gentle. You must not scrub it too much. Also, you should avoid blasting the water stream directly at your scalp.

Don’ts After a Hair Transplant

  • Don’t rub your hairline against something

One must not sleep unconsciously as it is required to prevent your hairline from rubbing against the pillow.

  • Don’t be worried

Some swelling after the procedure is quite common. You must not be worried about that. Make sure to keep yourself a mile away from stress.

  • Don’t apply ice directly to the scalp

Make sure you are not applying the ice directly to your scalp. For a few days, your scalp must not come in direct contact with anything. You should not touch it with your hands

  • Don’t try to get rid of the scabs

Scab formation is completely natural and you must think to get rid of it. They will go on their own after some time. It is the same as the situation when your knee gets hurt and the sab is formed. You are not willing to remove the same until it is healed.

  • Don’t wash your hair until the doctor suggests

Do not make any decisions about the aftercare on your own. Even when it is about the hair washing, you must ask the doctors whether you can wash it at that time or not?

Final Comments!

Dr. C Vijay Kumar is requesting all the hair loss patients who have undergone hair transplants at Dr. Vjs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre to follow all the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts. Otherwise, you may end up losing a 50% chance of obtaining successful outcomes from hair transplants.

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