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Acne treatment provides you clear skin

Medical procedures have advanced a lot and you can take its benefits to brighten up your skin. The treatment options like chemical peels or light therapy will address the issue of stubborn acne. Acne treatment in Visakhapatnam

Acne treatment is not one size fits all. In case the antibiotics and prescription creams are not giving you the results then you should not get acne treatment. You should get office-based medical treatment like chemical peel, steroid injection, and light therapy. Most importantly, you need to keep your expectations realistic. The problem of acne cannot be cured and it is not controlled. You will be able to see the improvement within 4 to 8 weeks.

Light therapy

The swelling and acne will trigger acne which is due to bacteria. It is killed by exposing skin to different types of light. Before performing the treatment, the doctor will apply the medication to the skin to increase its sensitivity to light. To see the desired results, you need to visit the doctor for various appointments.

The doctor will use blue light, red light, or both of them. To check the best treatment plan for addressing acne, more study still needs to be done. It will help in reducing oil production.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections are best suited for acne which results in pain and they have a lump present beneath the skin. With this approach, the pain is addressed, skin becomes clear, and the lump becomes flat within a few days of getting the treatment. This drug is effective but there are few side effects like:

  • Skin tone is lighter as compared to normal.

  • Skin becomes thin

For widespread acne, it is not the best choice as they result in side effects. Also, you need to attend several doctor visits to see the results.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels help to improve skin appearance which has mild acne. Traditionally, this procedure is best to reduce the fine lines, minor facial scars, and sun damage.

This is not categorized as an over-the-counter treatment.

During this procedure, the doctor applies a chemical solution on the skin which removes dead skin cells and pores will be unclogged. Along with that the whiteheads and blackheads are removed. It helps to generate new skin but to manage the results you need to get multiple treatment sessions. Make sure that you talk to the doctor and understand what are the side effects & how you need to manage them.

Drainage and extraction

The doctor will use special instruments to address the issue of blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. Through this approach, the problem will be addressed temporarily but it is likely to result in scarring.

Wrap up

If you want to address the problem of acne then you should get in touch with a medical expert. If you are looking for one, then you should consult our cosmetic surgeon to address the problem of acne once and for all.

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