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Planning to undergo a hair transplant?

Indeed! It’s an exceptional approach that works against male and female hair loss. The choice of Hair Transplant in Vizag has worked wonderfully in different cases to address the concern of bald spots and hair loss. Now while planning the surgery, there are different things that you can hear, like: the treatment is painful, results take time to notice, the treatment is costly, and whatnot. One of them is: ‘Transplanted hair is hard to touch.’ To understand what’s right and what’s not, you need to be mindful of the same by talking to the hair transplant doctor. So, in this blog, I have highlighted the concern regarding the, ‘Are transplanted hair hard to touch?’

Highlighting an important concern!

Before I proceed further, let me highlight important information, and that’s about the Hair Transplant Cost in Vizag. The hair transplant cost, on average, is around Rs 30,000/-. To know in detail about the exact cost, your doctor can guide you better about the same. So, make sure to consult the hair restoration doctor and then begin further.

Get the answer for: Transplanted hair is hard to touch or not

During a hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from the healthy part of the scalp and then relocated through advanced surgical intervention on lesser hair growth areas. The transplanted hair is your own, which means it’s as soft as your existing hair. Although, after the transplant, when you touch the hair grafts, it might feel slightly hard, like your beard begins to grow back after three days. It’s the process of newly transplanted hair that can make the hair grafts feel that way. Well, the said feeling is temporary, and it goes away on its own. So, there’s nothing that you need to worry about.

The reason behind the hardness of transplanted hair

The hair restoration surgeon will place the hair follicles on the required area in a proper position with an appropriate length that goes up from 1mm to 3mm. It’s normal for the hair grafts to feel that way after the surgery.

Once the hair grafts are implanted in the precise location, the shaft can break free from the location. Following that, the hair will begin to grow like normal. The said state occurs because the hair graft has begun to occur like normal.

Once the graft has come out evenly from the scalp, it won’t feel hard to touch, and then the hair growth will feel normal. During the initial stages, the hair follicles will grow in different directions, and then everything gets back to its normal state. Additionally, there’s one phase where the hair follicles shed, and that’s for a temporary time. It occurs in the 2nd week of undergoing a hair transplant, and there’s nothing to worry about. Once that phase goes away, hair growth will begin to occur like normal.

So, make the decision wisely by choosing a skilled surgeon. For further information, schedule a consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar.

Did you know that a hair transplant is one of the most effective treatments for hair compared to any other? It provides a long-term solution that other remedies miss out on. But not many people who are the right candidate for Hair Transplant in Vizag are sure about the exact procedure of this technique.

Based on each situation, the patient will require several grafts. The doctor transplants anything from 500 to 6000 grafts.

Anyone who is suffering from severe hair loss will start researching hair loss and hair transplant sooner or later. So it is obvious that they will come across the term grafts. The Hair clinic in Vizag is also known as the follicular unit. In other words, they are the hair follicles that the surgeon will remove to fill in the bald spots.

The hair roots from where there is a formation of hair, are typically in the follicles. Hair grows in groups and there are up to three hair roots in one follicle.

How Many Grafts Can The Surgeon Harvest?

Generally, there are almost up to 100 grafts in one square centimetre of scalp. But if you want to get a satisfactory result, only 10 to 25 grafts per square centimetre is enough. It also highly depends on how far the hair loss has begun and how big the bald patch is for the doctor to fill. Besides that, the quality of the donor’s hair also plays an enormous role that you can not neglect.

Let us take an example for better understanding. An individual can have approximately 50 grafts per square centimetre, whereas another individual can only have 10 grafts per square centimetre. Each situation is different from the others based on their case. It also highly depends on the type of hair, characteristics of hair, and the quality of hair in the donor area.

In case, you have straight and thin hair, then it will be difficult for you to remove many grafts without the remaining hair losing its volume. If you have other types of hair such as curly or even thick hair then the doctor will be able to harvest more as they look fuller on their own. You can take more information about this based on your hair type from our professional.

What Does The Number Of Grafts Depend On?

The number of grafts that the surgeon might require in order to transplant to make the hair appear more beautiful and healthy fully depends on how severe your hair loss actually is. It will also affect the design of the hair transplant procedure.

This is a guideline that will give you an understanding of the balding area and the number of grafts that the doctor might graft.

It has around 6 stages.


Stage How many grafts can doctors transplant?
Stage I No hair transplantation is necessary
Stage II 500 to 1500 grafts
Stage III 1500 to 2000 grafts
Stage IV 2000 to 2500 grafts
Stage V 2800 to 3200 grafts
Stage VI 3500 to 4300 grafts
Stage VII 5000 to 6000 grafts

 Final Comments

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