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hair restoration surgery

A hair transplant is one of the best treatments that help to stop hair loss permanently. We know it was impossible to attain healthy hair on your bald scalp in previous years. Still, you get natural-looking, thick and long hair under various hair transplant techniques such as Fue, Fut, PRP therapy, bio-fue, sapphire hair transplant, etcetera. In this journey, the Hair clinic in Vizag will assist you in the right direction.

Furthermore, new hair transplant methods use your backhead hair to cover your bald scalp by implanting donor hair (backhead hair follicles). These procedures are less invasive and have minor effects on your scalp. If you want to treat your constantly falling hair under any one of them, opt for the Hair Transplant in Vizag and say goodbye to your weakened or broken hair follicles. Until now, millions of people get healthy and natural-looking hair on their bald scalps; you can also add your name to this list by undergoing hair transplant surgery.

How to deal with itching after having a hair restoration surgery?

It’s not a big deal if you face itching in your scalp after having the hair transplant. It can happen in recipient and donor areas and continue for fourteen days after the hair transplant surgery. Although it may make you uncomfortable to some extent, it revolves automatically within two weeks. In this case, you must find its signs and use the following tips to get relief from it. These are:

Why the scalp starts itching: After having Fue hair restoration surgery, you may face severe itching in your receipt and donor areas. This happens due to the natural healing process of your scalp wounds, where the body heals hair extraction and implantation. During this process, the human body produces a unique chemical known as histamines, resulting in itching.

How long it will take to stop: Generally, itching lasts for seven to fourteen days, but in some cases, it will continue for approximately four or above weeks. It turns severe in the first five to six days because you are not allowed to wash your head, and it compels you to itch in your scalp, but you should not do it to avoid any nail infections and to interrupt your healing process. As per the doctor’s recommendation, you will get considerable relief when you wash your head.

How to treat itching after hair transplant: Excessive itching can make you incredibly uncomfortable and may worsen at night. Following are the things that help you against itching during the recovery period.
Medicated shampoo.
Do not scratch the itch.
Use salt water spray.
Steroid scalp solution.
Taking an antihistamine.


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