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Laser Hair removal

Having excessive hair in your body can be frustrating at times for a lot of people. I mean, nobody likes to have unwanted body hair. And using those traditional hair removal methods is just a waste of time and money as it does not give long-lasting results. Apart from that, waxing and plucking can be painful too.

This is the reason, why people are turning more and more towards the easy and effective process of laser hair removal in Vizag. It is an authority-approved, safe, and painless procedure that provides a long-lasting effect. In this method, the doctor targets the laser directly to the skin so that the hair follicle destroys itself from within. Now that the skin root is destroyed, there is no chance of hair growth.

The professional can conduct the laser hair removal treatment on some common body parts.

P.S: Our clinic also provides other services, including Hair transplant in India. Contact us to know more details.

Common Body Areas For Laser Hair Removal

  • Face

Both men and women can choose laser hair removal techniques to get rid of unwanted hair. Most of the time, people select it for removing the extra hair growth from facial areas such as upper lips, chin, cheeks, and sideburns. The doctor will perform 4-5 sessions of laser hair removal, over the course of 3-4 weeks. Each session will not last for more than 15 minutes. However, the doctor will give you long breaks for the affected areas to heal properly with no risk of complications. This is undoubtedly a more preferred option as compared to other measures such as waxing or shaving, as it is a long-lasting solution that is comparatively less painful.

  • Arms

It is one of the most common procedures among women. It is a perfect solution for those women who are always interested in flaunting their bare skin. With laser hair removal, you would not have to think twice, as it is an ideal option to eliminate unwanted hair for a long time. Additionally, continuous waxing and shaving can lead to rashes, itching, cuts, or even dryness in sensitive skin. And laser hair removal hair eradicates all the complications.

  • Underarms

This place is also trendy among women to get it lasered. Having excessive growth of underarms can cause sweats and make you feel uncomfortable. With the help of laser hair removal, you can get rid of it and maintain a better clean and hygienic solution for life.

  • Legs

Can you even imagine the luxury of never having to wax or shave your legs ever? Well, this dream could come true for you with laser hair removal. There are many people who opt for laser hair removal treatment for their legs. Depending on the patient’s thickness of the existing hair and natural hair growth cycle on the legs, the doctor will prescribe the x number of sessions. Also, remember that removing leg hair will also include any hair growth on your toes and feet.

Enquire your doctor to know whether or not the desired area is suitable for laser hair removal.

Are you tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing hair from unwanted places? Well, let me tell you, it sure is a gruesome task that takes half of my day!

But you do not have to undergo such extreme pain and discomfort to get that smooth skin that you desire. Just contact us to undergo laser hair removal in Visakhapatnam and bye-bye to the hair.

Apart from that, waxing and plucking and all the other methods are just temporary; you will be required to go to such extremes each time you notice some new hair growing back.

But with laser hair removal, you will not have to worry about such a problem as it permanently eliminates the hair from your skin. This is why you need to keep in mind that the laser hair removal Cost in Vizag will be more than the other techniques to remove the hair from the body.

In recent times, people are choosing this form of removing hair more and more because of its simple yet effective results. In this proceeding, the doctor uses a concentration of light beam directly onto the area where the patient wants to remove the hair.

The melanin in the skin absorbs the laser, which converts the light energy into heat energy that helps in destroying the hair follicles in the skin. This is the reason why the skin delays or prevents the hair from growing again. If you are someone who has not yet undergone the laser hair removal technique, then these essential tips might help you a bit.

Essential Tips For Laser Hair Removal Beginners

  • You should not shave before the treatment

You might think, what is something that you can do to make the surgery a little easier? Well, you can do your part by not shaving, waxing, or plucking the hair the day before the treatment.

It is a big No-No! Do not let others tell you otherwise. But the thing is, if you are planning to take a laser hair removal treatment, we will highly recommend you not to hinder it by any consideration as it might impact the result of the surgery.


  • Take multiple sessions for best results.

You might be well aware that not skin type and the hair follicles have similar structures. Each hair growth is different from one another. So in such a situation, it is essential to know that laser hair removal works better on dark skin tones with darker hair growth. Almost 80% of the hair follicles that you treated with laser removal, the doctor will destroy with the help of a technique.

That is the reason why you would want to undergo several sessions in order to get the best result that you expected in case you have a lighter skin tone. Now, if you are interested in getting smooth, silky, and hairless skin, it is highly recommended that you undergo multiple sessions to get the desired results without any complications.

The world of medical science is at its peak. No doubt, the things no one thought about are available right at the instance. From enhancing the features to changing the overall appearance, anything & everything is possible. The blog is dedicated to the customer’s understanding of the two most effective options available at our clinic Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Gynecomastia and Laser hair removal in Visakhapatnam.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is for men struggling with an enlarged male chest similar to women looking like breasts. The problem is the reason for hormonal imbalance, and one thing is worth understanding: No man has to live with this condition for life. On average, gynecomastia surgery cost in Vizag is around Rs 65000, and they can go higher than that. The doctor is the one who gives you an accurate estimation of the surgery cost after the initial consultation.

Steps to perform Gynecomastia surgery

The three significant steps to performing Gynecomastia surgery are mentioned below:

Step 1: Administering anesthesia

Initially, the administration of anesthesia allows for controlling the pain and discomfort level. You can discuss the same during the initial consultation and get the one depending on your pain tolerance level.

Step 2: Doing liposuction surgery

Liposuction allows to remove excess tissues. The doctor inserts a cannula and then inserts the tube to extract the fatty tissues. During the initial consultation, the doctor guides you in detail.

Step 3: Most-effective excision method

The glandular breast tissues or excess skin removed during the excision method. The nipple is positioned in the desired place to give the breast the desired shape and contour.

Laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal is the most effective treatment plan for individuals who want to address the problem of unwanted hair on the overall body. Not only is laser hair removal cost-effective and advanced, but highly safe to undergo.

How does laser hair removal work?

The concentrated beam of laser rays targets a specific area during laser hair removal to damage area follicles. By attending the continuing laser session, the hair growth goes down with time. The extent of results might vary from one person to another, depending on hair growth, hair color, body part, and hair texture.

The laser getting in touch with the skin feels like a gentle pinch or someone constantly snapping elastic bands on the skin. The beam of the laser won’t cause any damage to the skin. The treatment results are permanent, but you have to take the best care of yourself and follow all necessary suggestions given by the doctor.

Do you have any doubts?

If there’s any doubt on your mind, discuss the same with the doctor.

Laser hair removal involves the heating of the hair follicles to prevent regrowth. It usually helps to get rid of the pain experienced during waxing. Also, you can avoid being hurt with the cuts caused by the blade of the shaver. So laser hair removal is quintessentially beneficial.


Once the effect of the laser hair removal is finished, then the hair which grows back will be insignificant in number as not all the follicles will come up with the regrowth. Also, the hair will not be harder.

Who is best benefited from the procedure?

This procedure has come out to be extremely beneficial for people who are having lighter skin tones but the hair growth is much darker than that.

Who can perform this procedure?

Only the dermatologist who is certified by the board is eligible to carry out the procedure. So when you are approaching any clinic to enquire about laser hair removal, make sure you are considering this aspect into account.

What exactly is carried out in laser hair removal?

The radiation, which involves the laser beams of quintessentially high heat, is used to permanently destroy the hair follicles. Once the follicles are destroyed from the root, they can never experience regrowth. This method aims at targeting the hair follicles present on the surface.

Which areas can be targeted for laser hair removal?

According to the AAD, the following areas are responsible for the laser hair removal:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Bikini Line
  • Neck Line
  • Face by not including the eye area

How much time is taken for the laser hair removal to get completed?

Generally, laser hair removal is the quickest process. If it is to be carried out at the upper lips, then within just a few minutes, it can get completed. No more than an hour will be required for the entire process to get completed.

Does the patient administer anaesthesia before the procedure?

Since the procedure involves dealing with the high heat laser beam, then the patient should be given anaesthesia. But anaesthesia is not administered in the form of the injection. There is a special kind of anaesthetic gel that is used for this purpose.

Why are multiple laser removal sessions required?

One session is never enough to permanently stop the regrowth of the follicles. The multiple sessions will ensure the permanent damage of the hair follicles.

Why are the patients called for the follow-up sessions?

As discussed, the multiple sessions will help to achieve the desired results. So to make sure that the hair follicles are completely damaged, the patient will be called for follow up sessions. Usually, four to six sessions in the interval of 2 to 3 months will be required which means, a period of 9 months will be enough to complete the cycle.

Final Thoughts

Apart from laser hair removal, there are other hair removal methods which may include electrolysis and needle epilators. The choice of the approach for the hair removal will be done by the dermatologist keeping several factors and your medical condition in the account.

A cosmetology treatment that has gained a lot of success over a short span of time is what we commonly hear is laser hair removal. this treatment is not only cheap and pain-free but easily accessible in the whole world. It is not so permanent way to get rid of your hair but yes close to permanent as it helps you to rid off your 90% of your hair which you got lasered.

the hair after the treatment is not as rough as they used to be and is very fine and few.The hair takes a long while to grow unlike before the treatment.

Hair removal treatments through laser beams help you to save your time and money in a way that you don’t have to rush towards beauty parlors once every month, leaving your work on hold from the busy routine and spending money on the waxing, bleaching, etc often.

The cost of such services can be abandoned by a simple lumpsum payment to your cosmetologist for the laser surgery which is not really expensive for the benefits it offers and due to its attractive packages designed by the specialized doctors. Laser hair removal in Vishakhapatnam is popular and easily accessible as across other parts of India.

Not only women but also men across the globe enjoy the advantages of the procedure. Men feel the need of removing unwanted hair from their chest, back and other parts of the body especially when they are models, actors, or fitness freaks who want to flaunt their shaved muscular bodies in tournaments, contests or maybe to impress the girls in their immediate surroundings.

How effective is the treatment

This hair removal procedure is not really permanent for the reason of continuous hormonal changes the body experiences as it evolves with time. These changes are responsible for new hair growth. During the surgery, the laser beam targets the hair follicles and the pigments present in them absorb the light which destroys them thereby disabling the hair production. The reason why the laser surgery is nota permanent remedy because the hair follicles tend to heal over a period of time.  The treatment is carried on in different sessions, generally taking up 7-8 sessions depending upon the hair growth to complete the whole treatment process. The process is not long enough but takes a long time if the area targeted is wide and huge.

The growth of hair post-surgery is lighter and finer but the rate of reduction of hair is variable from person to person.

It is better to consult a cosmetologist to know about the side effects of the surgery despite its huge popularity and success.

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