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Do’s and Don’ts before and after the gynecomastia surgery with Local Anesthesia

Do’s and Don’ts before and after the gynecomastia surgery with Local Anesthesia

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    Gynecomastia condition is explained as swelling of the breast tissue which leads to enlargement of breasts in males.

    But not everyone is aware of its signs, the symptoms of gynecomastia include

    chronic pain, swelling of glandular tissue, tenderness, and nipple discharge. In order to get rid of these conditions, you need to go through gynecomastia surgery in Vizag. But you need to keep some important points in your mind while going to get the gynecomastia surgery.

    Do’s and Don’ts prior to and after the gynecomastia surgery

    Do’s and don’ts for gynecomastia surgery day.

    • Make sure you do not eat and drink any type of food prior to surgery. It is necessary to avoid food 2 hours before the gynecomastia surgery time.
    • There is no such restriction for shower or bathing. You can simply take a bath in the night or morning of surgery day.
    • It is essential to leave your valuables and jewelry at home. There is no responsibility for your belongings.
    • You do not apply any type of deodorant, lotion, and moisturizer on your body, because these contain chemicals which harm your body.
    • Make sure, you should wear only comfortable or loose clothes. In addition, warm socks and comfortable socks are only recommended.
    • And do not wear contact lenses. In order to reach the clinic and home, you must keep someone with you so that he can drive a vehicle.
    • Do not forget you take the prescribed medications. Make sure you should only take those medicines which are prescribed by your surgeon and do not take any other type of medication. If you feel the need to take that one, they must contact your surgeon first.

    After the surgery for better results.


    It is necessary to take all the medicines which are prescribed by your surgeon in order to get rid of pain after the surgery. You must avoid any other type of medication during the recovery period.


    It is mandatory to take proper rest and sleep after the surgery, additionally, you should avoid physical activities which will harm you most. You should only go for a walk daily only for 10 minutes, but if you do not feel good then avoid walking for some days. But walking is useful for proper blood circulation, which is necessary for fast recovery.


    This is rare with local anesthesia, but if you will experience then you must take the Zofran which is prescribed by your surgeon. You should take your painkillers and antibiotics with your diet so that they cannot worsen your condition. If you experience a serious problem, you should stop taking these medicines.

    Apply ice packs

    You should apply ice packs to your treated area for at least the next two days. But make sure you do not apply ice cubes directly to your skin, must wrap them in cloth and then rub on the area.

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