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Few Reasons To Consider Undergoing Hair Transplantation Surgery

Few Reasons To Consider Undergoing Hair Transplantation Surgery

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    Are you suffering from any hair loss issues?

    If yes, then this is your cue to get rid of it.


    Well, the technique is quite simple; all you are required to do is undergo a Hair transplant in Vizag.

     Hair Loss Problem

    There are many causes that lead to hair loss. One of the biggest factors in hair loss is genetics. Other equally responsible factors are diseases, hormonal imbalance, trauma, and other elements. Apart from that, poor diet, pollution, and stress are secondary reasons that contribute to extreme hair loss.

    Both men and women suffer from hair loss in different ways. Hair loss in men generally starts from the front and the center of the scalp. As the hair loss continues, the bald spot becomes larger. In the final stage, the entire head would have thinning hair, with only a ring of hair remaining on the side and the back of the head.

    And for the females who are going through extreme hair loss typically notice thinning from the center. With severe hair loss, the partitions become more visible and wider. However, female hair loss does not conclude with clean baldness.

     What Is The Cost Of A Hair Transplant?

    You should also know that the Hair transplant cost in Vizag would be different for both men and women because of their type of hair loss and its causes. Make sure you are aware of everything before you finalize the hair fall treatment. 

    Reasons To Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery

    We have listed some reasons why you might think of undergoing hair transplant surgery. 

    • It is a long-term hair fall treatment.

    Unlike any other form of hair fall treatment, a hair transplant is something that would provide you with long-term results.

    Some temporary options include prosthetic hair, prescription drugs such as finasteride or minoxidil, hair wigs, or even home remedies.

    But only a hair transplant will give the natural result in less time permanently.

    In this technique, the surgeon transplants the hair follicles to the bald or affected area. This makes it possible for the new hair to grow naturally in that place throughout life.

    Hair transplants gained a lot of popularity because of their permanent solution. The doctor bases the selection of hair that lacks androgen receptor or DHT resistance for a better outcome. The androgens do not affect these hair follicles, so it remains for life. 

    • The surgeon transplants your own hair.

    Another reason for choosing a hair transplant is that the surgeon selects your own hair for the regrowth of new hair.

    Wearing wigs or artificial hair is a clear and budget-friendly option, but let me tell you, it does not look natural by any means.

    Apart from the unnatural look, prostate hair also requires a lot of care and periodic replacement, which is honestly a lot of work.

    But with a hair transplant, you would not have to worry about such predominant notions. The doctor uses your hair from the back or the side of the scalp to transplant to the affected or recipient site. This process makes the whole procedure look more natural and precise.

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