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What are the frequently asked questions about Gynecomastia and its treatment?

What are the frequently asked questions about Gynecomastia and its treatment?

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    Gynecomastia can be described as a condition in which the male breast is overdeveloped or overgrown. In selective cases, the need may be aroused to take up Gynecomastia surgery, but the trained doctors would initially try to address this problem by doing certain modifications in the lifestyle of an individual.

    • Can lifestyle modification help in every case of Gynecomastia surgery?

    If the intensification of male breasts is contributed by the excessive pounds or depositions of fat cells, then it is known as false gynecomastia. False gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia are interchangeable terms. Once in a while, it takes place no matter how hard you have worked out or exercised to get rid of the fat cell deposition but these cells continue to persist.

    • What is the implication of true gynecomastia?

    True gynecomastia comes into light owing to the following reasons:

    • Genetic Age
    • Hormonal Shift
    • Does gynecomastia affect both breasts?

    Gynecomastia can affect either one or both breasts. Gynecomastia doesn’t need to affect both breasts in the same way.

    • Is gynecomastia affliction a serious and life-threatening disease?

    No, Surely not. Gynecomastia does not come under the category of serious and life-taking diseases. The only disadvantage of getting afflicted with it is the one which can cause considerably bad effects on your self-confidence.

    • What is the connotation of gynecomastia?

    As already discussed, gynecomastia can be described as overgrown breasts in males. According to medical science, it takes place when testosterone levels are stood against the estrogen level. It can be defined as the imbalance levels.

    • What does testosterone supposed to do?

    Testosterone aims at controlling attributes and characteristics of males like:

    • Muscle mass
    • Body hair
    • What is estrogen supposed to do?

    Estrogen is responsible for controlling female attributes and characteristics incorporating breast growth.

    • Is estrogen a feminine hormone?

    Yes, estrogen is one of the many feminine hormones. Males do produce some of the estrogen hormones. But when the production of hormones is reached to a significant level then the enlargement of the breast is the primary thing that comes to light.

    • What are the various Gynecomastia causing factors?

    There are several causing factors of gynecomastia:

    • When male children hit puberty then some of the natural changes come into existence
    • With alleviating age one can have enlarged breasts.
    • Certain prescribed medications that are not healthy for consumption
    • Excessive use of alcohol and other related substances
    • Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)

     How can gynecomastia be treated and which is the best treatment?

    Gynecomastia can be cured not necessarily with surgery but with liposuction as well. This stratagem is considered best for pseudo gynecomastia.

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