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How is gynecomastia caused? How do we diagnose and treat this problem?

How is gynecomastia caused? How do we diagnose and treat this problem?

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    Get rid of ‘MOOBS’

    In the wake of the hormonal imbalance, the glandular tissues do react inappropriately. Everyone might have heard of gynecomastia which is regarding the moobs. If you are wondering what moobs are, then moobs are the masculine boobs that get pumped up the same as that of the females. Males would find it as a stain on their appearances and they want to get rid of it at their earliest. Gynecomastia surgery in Vizag is being relied on heavily by many males who are bothered by this problem.

    How would you know about it?

    You will know whether you are bothered by gynecomastia if you have any of the following symptoms.

    • Tenderness

    If your moobs are becoming tender day by day, then consult the dermatologist at the earliest.

    • Plumpiness

    If the area behind the nipples is getting plumped or fluffed up.

    • Change in the colour

    If either the nipples or the skin of the bras is going through a colour change, then you should not neglect this.

    How does it happen?

    You mean Causes. Right??

    Yes I mean causes, so let us get to know the causes.

    The causes are divided into two broad categories – Physiological and Non-Physiological

    • Physiological causes

    This category includes all those causes which have come about owing to the problem in genes, imbalance of hormones or the increment in age. This means this category deals with the internal imbalance on which we do not have any control.

    • Non-physiological causes

    This category incorporates all those factors which have contributed to the enlargement of the breasts through problematic and complicated medical conditions, surgical intervention or the intake of medications that have intentionally triggered the hormones in an insignificant way.

    These causes may include the following:

    • Problematic functioning of the kidneys

    • Adrenal tumours

    • Liver CIrrhosis

    How does radiation therapy contribute to gynecomastia?

    Radiation therapy or chemotherapy is prescribed to cancer patients. This therapy aims at killing cancer-causing cells. But with the killing of the cancer cells, the hormones are also obstructed which causes the female hormones to rise and thus the problem of gynecomastia becomes evident.


    Is there any treatment available for it?

    Surely there is a treatment for it. Obviously, God doesn’t send any problem without offering its solution and since every lock has its key, there is a solution for this problem too which you can get summed up in the following stages:

    • Stage 1: Initial consultation

    Our dermatologist, first of all, consults the patients and through the physical examination, they determine whether the problem needs surgical intervention to get cured or it can be healed with the help of the medication or the therapies.

    • Stage2: Think about it

    If the patient needs surgical intervention, then he is given some time to think whether he shall be opting for it or not.

    • Stage3: Get prepared

    If he agrees, then a date is issued to him and he is given some instruction to get prepared for the surgery.


    We have seen positive results by taking into account both the non-surgical and the surgical treatment option.

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