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What are the important tips to recover from hair transplant surgery 2020?

What are the important tips to recover from hair transplant surgery 2020?

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    Hair transplant is the best treatment for dealing with hair loss once and for all. No doubt, undergoing treatment is an important decision to make. The procedure is painless, risk-free, and low invasive. The major consideration needs to be given to the recovery period so that the results are the best. If you do not know what to expect, then here we are going to mention some of the important tips to keep in mind for recovery:

    • Limit the amount of vigorous activity

    Although recovery time is minimal when it comes to hair transplantation. But it is important to limit the amount of strenuous activity you do daily. This is extremely important during the first week following the surgery.

    The hair grafts take at least 2 weeks to make its place in the scalp. So it is important to limit the strenuous workout regime as it can dislodge the grafts from its position. You need to properly rest during this time and this way the recovery will be smooth.

    • Do not wash the hair right away

    Make sure that you do not wash the hair right away after the surgery. You need to wash your hair according to the doctor’s instructions. The shampoo and conditioner which you need to use should not contain harmful chemicals. Generally, it is safe to wash the hair one week after the surgery.

    It is important to follow the post-operative guidelines suggested by the doctor so that you get to see the results on time.

    • Sleep in an upright position

    It is important that you sleep with your head elevated and for that use a recliner chair. While doing so make sure that you use 2 or more pillows. This way it is going to minimize swelling as the blood flow to the scalp is proper.

    During the first week following the surgery, it is also important for the patient to make certain that they do not keep their head down or bend over.

    • Follow the post-operative instructions

    During a consultation, you will be given a list of instructions that you need to follow no matter what until the treatment is completed. By following these instructions, it is going to ensure that there is no problem and you will get to see the results on time.

    Additionally, take all the necessary medications on time as prescribed by the surgeon. This is helpful because it reduces the swelling and slight discomfort following the surgery.

    • Put gentle pressure on the grafts

    If you experience bleeding or swelling after washing the hair, you need to apply gentle pressure on the affected area of the scalp by using a clean moist cloth or gauze. You should never dab the area as it can lead to infection or scabbing.

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