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India As The First Choice For Hair Transplantation Procedure

India As The First Choice For Hair Transplantation Procedure

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    Hair transplant is turning from a luxury to a necessity in a span of time. People are more open to the idea of surgery for their hair loss treatment now than they were before. It is still not an easy decision to make, but people are ready to discourse about it as much as possible without any shame and hesitation. Also, the cost-effective procedure is roaring its name in the industry. 

    Hair Transplant in Vizag is not only an option for those who have lost their hair due to untimely disease, unhealthy lifestyle, or genetics, but people who want to up their appearance by acquiring an attractive mane or even altering their hairlines. 

    Why Choose India For Hair Transplant Surgery

    Even the people in India are not left untouched by this predominant notion. In fact, India is turning out to be the hot place for people to seek out their Hair Transplant in Kakinada. The reason behind such a trend is because of the affordable prices that the medical procedure serves. The treatment options available here are not only cost-effective but also are of high quality as compared to the other states. 

    Techniques Used In India For Hair Transplant

    With time and the advancement in technology in the medical field, it has become so much easier for doctors to perform surgery with an accessible medium. The machine or equipment used before was more invasive and left behind choppy results which were not as natural-looking as the other hair. This was one of the reasons why people were not so confident in opting for a hair transplant procedure.

    But with time, the technology has developed, and now the techniques used for hair loss treatment are comparatively less invasive, which leaves behind less scarring and complications. They also give a natural-looking outcome that would satisfy your needs. 

    Techniques Used In Hair Transplant In India

    There are two techniques that are very popular in the Indian medical industry used for hair transplantation. 

    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    This is one of the most reliable and best methods used for hair loss treatment. In this, the doctor retrieves hair follicles one at a time from the back of the side of the head; after retrieving each hair follicle, the doctor plants it back in the affected or bald area for the hair to naturally grow. It is non-invasive and gives better and natural-looking results. 

    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    Another famous process that is widely used in an Indian clinic for hair transplantation. Unlike FUE, the doctor here removes the hair strip from the back or the side of the hair, which is also known as the donor site, and then retrieves the hair follicles from the strip. Then the doctor proceeds to transplant the strip back into the bald patch where the patient has lost their hair.

    The doctor would prescribe you some anesthesia before the surgery begins in both the processes. And you would also have to follow specific instructions given by the surgeon for a speedy recovery.

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