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Most common questions asked about the hair transplant treatment

Most common questions asked about the hair transplant treatment

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    Don’t feel sorry that you have to live with bald spots or thin hair all your life. Now, you have got the perfect option for yourself, and that is undergoing the Hair Transplant in Vizag to manage the hair locks most desirably. Undoubtedly, the surgical procedure is safe and most influential in all possible ways. But, it’s obvious to feel normal before getting the surgery. This is why this blog is your guide to answering the most commonly asked questions from the patients planning to get a hair transplant.

    FAQs about hair transplant

    • How much is the cost of a hair transplant?

    When a patient plans to get a Hair Transplant in Kakinada, their primary concern is whether the treatment is affordable or not. It’s important to be aware that treatment is affordable. On average, the treatment cost is around Rs 40,000. When you consult the doctor, it will help you better understand the cost and what all factors are included in determining the same.

    • Is the treatment painful?

    Being a modern technology-based treatment, hair transplant surgery does not come with pain. This is because before doing the surgery, the doctor administers anesthesia into the scalp so that the patient undergoing surgery doesn’t feel anything. You should discuss the use of anesthesia during the initial consultation.

    • Is it possible to use someone else’s hair for my hair transplant?

    NO! Whoever wants to undergo surgery, the treatment is performed by using the patient’s hair only. It’s impossible to do the surgery by using someone else’s hair. It’s not the right medical practice, and not even the desired results are obtained, which the hair transplant surgery suggests.

    • What is the ideal age to undergo a hair transplant?

    Although, anyone and everyone can undergo a hair transplant. But to make sure the treatment is performed effectively and there is no further hair loss, ideally, plan to get a hair transplant after the age of 25. During the initial consultation, the doctor analyzes the same and lets you know whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery or not.

    • Can a sugar patient safely undergo a hair transplant?

    YES! Under the supervision of an experienced hair restoration surgeon, sugar patients can get hair transplant surgery. For the patients planning to get the surgery, their sugar levels must be under control. So, the medical expert will give you all the necessary tips on how you should keep a check over the same and safely get the desired results of a hair transplant.

    • Can I color my hair after a hair transplant?

    YES! You can color your hair after getting surgery. But, make sure that you wait for at least six weeks to get the surgery.

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