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What’s the right way to sleep after getting a hair transplant?

What’s the right way to sleep after getting a hair transplant?

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    Sleeping pattern after hair transplant

    Have you recently undergone hair transplant treatment? Being referred to as one of the famous cosmetic procedures, it’s seen that the demand is increasing a lot. The treatment of Hair Transplant in Vizag is not done for the scalp but even for eyebrows, sideburns, beards, and moustache.

    Hair transplantation is one of the most minimally invasive treatments which aids in giving natural-looking and permanent hair growth. Now, once you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Kakinada, it’s essential to take the best care of yourself. Right from taking care of transplanted grafts to how to sleep after a hair transplant?

    Are you thinking…Why is it important to take care of the grafts during sleep?

    Yes! It’s essential under all possible considerations. It’s crucial to determine the correct pattern and method to sleep after the surgery. Let’s make you familiar with the same approach.

    What to keep in mind when you sleep after a hair transplant?

    Taking into account, the given-below necessary measures allow you to be in a better state and take well-care of the transplanted grafts after the surgery:

    • It would help if you never let the recipient area get in close touch with the pillow, as the friction b/w the two can damage hair grafts.
    • Take short naps during the day so that transplanted grafts won’t have much pressure on them.
    • Keep your sleeping posture: Sleep on your back. Keep back in the upright position.
    • Prefer to keep my head level above heart level when you sleep. By doing so, blood reflux is reduced to the scalp, and the swelling problem is addressed.
    • Always keep the head and back elevated at a 45-degree angle.
    • It would help if you kept a pillow under the knees so that surgical sites don’t have to deal with any pressure.
    • Please don’t take on too much stress daily, as it can affect the recovery phase to a great extent.

    Which pillow should I use after a hair transplant?

    To lie down longer after a hair transplant, you should prefer to use a specially designed pillow. Ideally, opt for a gel-like material pillow as it won’t trigger much pressure on neck muscles. Always keep the pillow at a 45-degree angle and use a soft one. Additionally, you should clean all the pillow covers frequently to avoid chances of infection or anything like that.

    Another important concern is to limit any activity that triggers sweat. Sweating leads to itching, which is likely to make the situation worse.

    When will I be able to sleep normally after a hair transplant?

    You can normally sleep after a hair transplant at least 7 to 14 days after surgery. In this time frame, the transplanted hair grafts are secure in their desired place, so it means there won’t be any risk of grafts getting dislodged from their necessary place.

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