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Step by step guide: How to prepare for lip reduction surgery?

Step by step guide: How to prepare for lip reduction surgery?

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    Lip reduction surgery: How to prepare for lip correction?

    Preparation is essential to boost the success of any treatment. All thanks to the cosmetic treatment have made it much easier for the patients to achieve desirable and practical results. Like, for Lip Correction procedures, there are a few essential measures to enhance the treatment’s success rate. I have mentioned the necessary pre and post-operative tips for lip reduction or correction surgery in this guide. 

    Please Note!

    Combine cosmetic procedures like lip correction with facelift surgery in Vizag, cheek contour, or other approaches. The doctor will share the necessary pre & post-operative tips for lip reduction.

    Lip correction procedure: Tips for Before and After Care

    What to do two weeks before surgery?

    • Do not smoke or vaping device
    • Do not drink alcohol for at least two weeks before surgery; otherwise chances of bruising and swelling increase
    • Don’t take any medication unless prescribed by Dr. C Vijay Kumar.
    • Avoid all kinds of blood-thinning medications
    • Don’t use garlic extract, fish oils, Vitamin E, and Arnica

    7 essential things to need for lip correction surgery

    • Take Vitamin C at least two weeks before surgery
    • Ice packs
    • Antibiotic medications to reduce swelling and infection
    • Don’t wear any jewelry or makeup on the day of surgery
    • Saltwater or Hydrogen peroxide
    • If you are given a sedative, please ask someone to drive you back home
    • Take the necessary medications as prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon after surgery

    8 Important rules to follow after lip correction surgery

    • Always take the antibiotics and pain medications on time
    • The doctor will call you at the hospital to remove sutures at least 7 to 10 days after surgery
    • Please make a 2-hour gap when you take pain medications and antibiotics.
    • Don’t have seafood for ten days
    • Be gentle when you brush your teeth
    • Please be patient with bruising and swelling. It takes at least two weeks to go down
    • For three days after the surgery, sleep by keeping the head elevated
    • If you experience pain, take the painkiller as prescribed by the doctor.

    7 Doctor tips for Incision care after lip reduction

    Please follow the following methods to take care of incision after the surgery:

    • Use hydrogen peroxide to wipe the incision. Please be gentle.
    • Apply the necessary ointment prescribed by the doctor
    • Please keep the incision open when you are home as it speeds up the healing process. Although, if you are going out, make sure to cover it as told by the doctor.
    • Don’t apply makeup products for two weeks.
    • Don’t put direct water steam on your face
    • For four weeks, don’t wax, share, or thread your upper lip.

    9 Things to avoid after lip reduction surgery

    • For two weeks, don’t pull or stretch your upper lips downwards
    • Be gentle when you brush or chew
    • Do not apply makeup for at least two weeks
    • Don’t lift anything heavy or bend over
    • Don’t smoke or vape
    • For four weeks, following moderate physical exercise
    • For 6 weeks, following a strenuous physical regime
    • For 12 months, avoid direct sun exposure. Apply sunscreen when going out.
    • For two weeks, avoid spicy food

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