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Ways To Select The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon: All You Need To Know

Ways To Select The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon: All You Need To Know

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    Everyone loses a certain amount of hair daily, but it becomes a severe problem in two situations:

    • Hair fall speed is increasing day by day
    • You are unable to gain new hair

    And in both situations, people try to move forward with hair transplant in Vizag, which can help you get your hair back effortlessly.

    But, the question arises of selecting the best hair clinic in Vizag, which is reliable and can offer professional surgical treatment options.

    If you are also unaware of it, read this blog until the end. Here we will discuss some of the easiest ways to select the best hair transplant surgeon.

    Primary Methods of Hair Transplant Surgery

     Here are two primary methods with the help of which a hair transplant surgery is done:

    1- FUE:

    The first hair transplant surgical method is the FUE method, in which a single hair follicle is removed from a specific location with a higher hair number. Later, it is integrated into the part of the head with less hair.

    Due to single hair follicle removal, this surgical procedure’s recovery rate is better.

    2- FUT:

    The second method for hair transplant surgery is the FUT method, in which a long line of hair follicles is removed, which can cover a larger area in one procedure. But, when FUT treatment is done, you would require a longer recovery time, as there are high chances of swelling and other issues.

    Select The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

     Selecting the best hair transplant surgeon is essential because several surgeons are in the market without any certification or credentials. Here are some factors you can use to choose the best hair transplant surgeon:

    • Doctor’s Experience:

    The primary factor to check is the doctor’s experience; ensure that the doctor you will select is an experienced surgeon and has done a lot of successful hair transplants till now.

    You can also get in touch with the doctor’s previous patients to know more about the after-surgery effects and results.

    • Clinical Staff:

    You should also look at the professionalism and punctuality of the clinical staff, as the surgeon would not be the only one responsible for your hair transplant surgery.

    • Budget:

    Hair transplant surgery requires a higher budget. Hence you need to ensure that you have a specific budget within which you need to get your hair transplant surgery done.

    As in the market, you could find surgeons from every budget range.

    • After-Surgery Services:

    There are hair transplant surgeons who offer after-surgery clinical checkups to ensure everything is fine with the surgery. Always find a surgeon that offers you after-surgery services.


    Hair transplant surgery is a decision to be made very seriously, and by selecting the right hair transplant surgeon, you can get the best results. We hope you were able to understand the ways to choose the best surgeon.

    Get in touch with VJS Cosmetic Surgery for the best hair transplant surgeons.

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