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What are the topmost habits which make hair look dull and damaged?

What are the topmost habits which make hair look dull and damaged?

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    Having strong and shiny hair is the top wish for every woman and man. Some people are blessed to have that hair naturally. But, some people face the issue of hair loss in excess and with time the hair looks dull. This compels the person to seek help from the doctor for hair restorative treatment.

    Fortunately, the person dealing with excess hair loss can undergo the treatment of hair transplant to solve the issue once and for all. Undergoing treatment helps the person to get strong, shiny, and natural-looking hair growth.

    What makes hair look dull and damaged?

    Well, there are various activities that a person performs and it destroys the hair which ultimately leads to hair loss. Given below are some of the daily habits which affect your hair adversely:

    • Improper diet

    To prevent hair loss, nutritional deficiencies are the major issues. Your body must get the right amount of nutrients and proteins to have strong hair. You need to eat food items that are rich in zinc, copper, protein, iron, and Vitamin E. when your body gets the right amount of nutrients your hair will be strong.

    • Swimming in chlorinated pools

    When you swim in chlorinated pools it can trigger hair discoloration. If you love swimming, then you need to be careful about your hair. Make sure to cover the hair if you swim too often. If you did not wear the hair cap, then always shampoo and conditioner your hair after swimming.

    • Hairstyling tools

    No doubt, hair styling tools make your hair look perfect. But their use for too long and in excess can make the hair damaged. It is best to opt for a natural drying method over hairdryers. You need to limit the use of hair curler, straighteners, and other hair treatments for hair health.

    • Tying hair extremely tight

    Some of the hairstyles like tight knots, buns, braids, and ponytails can lead to gradual hair loss. This is also called traction alopecia. Make sure your hair is not always overpressure.

    • Use of harmful hair products

    Hairstyling items like serums, gels, and synthetic chemicals can lead to hair loss and gradual thinning. You need to be careful when you apply any hair product because the harmful chemicals can damage the hair and it won’t lead to desired hair growth.

    • Excess teasing

    Excessive teasing or backcombing the hair can damage the hair follicles and it can tangle. Moreover, it leads to split ends and hair can break easily.

    • Stress

    Stress is part of life but too much of it can affect blood circulation and hair follicles will not get the nutrients it needs that leads to hair loss. It takes around 6 to 9 months for the hair to grow normally. Make sure you do not take stress in excess.

    • Smoking and drinking

    Your lifestyle habits impact hair health adversely. If you drink and smoke, then the hair growth will not be the way you wanted. The chemicals present in cigarettes can affect the scalp blood vessels and this triggers hair loss. So, avoid these habits and maintain a healthy routine to have strong, shiny, and long hair.

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