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Can hair restoration be useful for burn victims? If so then how to do after-care?

Can hair restoration be useful for burn victims? If so then how to do after-care?

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    There are two types of treatment for hair loss:

    -Using non interfering medications
    – Surgical treatment like Hair transplant

    Surgical treatments are performed when the hair loss is caused by burning of face and scalp by any of the following written factors:

    – Exposure to fire for a long period of time
    – Acid and other harmful chemical leading to melting of skin
    – Boiled water
    – Highly heated cooking oils

    Why does it happen?

    It is because hair nodes of the burnt area are highly damaged and can never produce new hairs.

    Is hair restoration procedure successful in case of burn-survivors?

    It is a tremendously stretching task to perform the surgical procedures on the burn-survivors but experts who recognize the depth of this complication can act in the favour accordingly.

    In many cases stimulated hair nodes do not respond because of which the surgery is rendered useless.

    How hair transplantation procedure carried out in case of Burn Victims?

    Hair transplantation in case of burn victims is carried out by extricating hair nodes from the base area to the recipient area (bald area).  But this surgery sometimes does not prove useful because the recipient area fails to respond to the surgery.

    What is expected after the Surgical treatment?

    After-Care plays an important role in rehabilitation. Following aftercare directives  can prove really helpful in rehabilitation.

    • Consumption of prescribed pain relieving narcotics if pain and discomfort is too much to be endured.
    • In case of itching do not scratch the area on which surgery is performed.
    • Application of medicament cream at the disfigured area twice or thrice a day.That may help to prevent the infection.
    • Take a head wash after 2-3 days of surgery. Patients must wash the hairs with a prescribed shampoo to remove the dead particles on the skin.
    • Patients should not bring the on-recovery area to sunlight.If there is an urgent need to get out of the home on a sunny day then don’t forget to cover your head with a hat, dupatta or scarf.
    • Smoking produces a very bad effect on the healing area as it hinders the regulation of the blood flow.

    Surgical Procedures of treatment

    There are primarily two kinds of procedures used to carry out this treatment process. First one, being Follicular unit Transplantation (FUT) and another being Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

    Final Thoughts:

    It is very common for the burn victims to have so many questions running in their head because they are the ones who have gone through a lot. They do want to live a lifestyle, they were living before. Burn victims often lose confidence and their self esteem suffers. That is why doctors treating these patients must deal with extreme sensitivity.

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