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Which Do’s and Don’ts to follow after undergoing a hair transplant?

Which Do’s and Don’ts to follow after undergoing a hair transplant?

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    When you come home with the newly transplanted hair grafts, then there are some things that you need to be aware of. There are some Do’s and Don’ts that each of us needs to follow to make sure that our transplanted hair grafts are not facing any problems in surviving at the scalp.

    Did you know?

    The doctors alone can not claim the success for each of the Hair Transplant in Vizag. The success can not be aimed alone. It requires the collective efforts of both the doctors and the patients.

    Do’s After a Hair Transplant

    • Do have someone along with you

    You should neither come to undergo the procedure alone nor should you go home alone. You must have someone along with you who would drive you to your home. Driving after being administered with anesthesia is not suggested.

    • Do sleep with an elevated head

    You must not sleep without a pillow placed underneath your neck. It will keep you from circulating your blood evenly throughout your body.

    • Do take the medication at the proper time

    You must not miss any of the medications which the cosmetic surgeon has suggested to you.

    • Do apply ice

    3 to 4 days after the hair transplant, it is quite common for the area above the eyebrow to suffer from swelling. You can shun that swelling off with the help of the ice application.

    • Do make sure to have a gentle hair washing

    After 5 days, you will be allowed to wash your hair. But the washing must be very gentle. You must not scrub it too much. Also, you should avoid blasting the water stream directly at your scalp.

    Don’ts After a Hair Transplant

    • Don’t rub your hairline against something

    One must not sleep unconsciously as it is required to prevent your hairline from rubbing against the pillow.

    • Don’t be worried

    Some swelling after the procedure is quite common. You must not be worried about that. Make sure to keep yourself a mile away from stress.

    • Don’t apply ice directly to the scalp

    Make sure you are not applying the ice directly to your scalp. For a few days, your scalp must not come in direct contact with anything. You should not touch it with your hands

    • Don’t try to get rid of the scabs

    Scab formation is completely natural and you must think to get rid of it. They will go on their own after some time. It is the same as the situation when your knee gets hurt and the sab is formed. You are not willing to remove the same until it is healed.

    • Don’t wash your hair until the doctor suggests

    Do not make any decisions about the aftercare on your own. Even when it is about the hair washing, you must ask the doctors whether you can wash it at that time or not?

    Final Comments!

    Dr. C Vijay Kumar is requesting all the hair loss patients who have undergone hair transplants at Dr. Vjs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre to follow all the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts. Otherwise, you may end up losing a 50% chance of obtaining successful outcomes from hair transplants.

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