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Is it true man boobs can occur again after undergoing gynecomastia surgery?

Is it true man boobs can occur again after undergoing gynecomastia surgery?

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    Can man boobs occur after gynecomastia surgery?

    Gynecomastia is common in males. In medical terms, this is the condition, when there is an enlargement of male mammary gland tissues. It is also referred to as male breast enlargement. The problem can occur due to:

    • Excess or frequent intake of marijuana
    • Certain medications
    • Imbalance of hormones

    Primarily, the problem occurs due to an imbalance of hormones. Although, the surgery can effectively help you deal with this condition and it will bring back your self-confidence.

    Most of the patients have concerns that “Can man boobs occur after gynecomastia surgery?”

    Gynecomastia surgical approach

    In most cases, the patients who have undergone male breast reduction surgery can see long-lasting results. There are certain factors that might lead to increased risk of the problem coming back again which includes:

    • Frequent use of marijuana

    Initially, the reason for male breast enlargement was excess consumption of marijuana. Even after the surgery, the patient has not stopped this habit, then there are increased chances of male boobs occurring again.

    • Medical condition

    In case, the reason was a medical problem like a pituitary tumor or adrenal tumor and the problem has been left untreated, then man boobs are likely to come back again.

    • Weight gain

    After the surgery, if you have not maintained the weight then there will be an increased risk of male boob. No doubt, the removed fat cells are not going to come back again. But, if there is an excess amount of weight gain then your breast size is going to increase. Apart from that, the new fat cells might also get formed or developed in the areas which are not treated.

    • Hormonal imbalance

    In certain cases, when hormones are not balanced or you are taking certain medication, even when there are increased chances of man boobs.

    During the surgery, the doctor will extract the excess amount of fat tissues from the problematic areas. This way, the breast size will come back to its normal. No doubt, you can see the results right away, but efforts need to be made to maintain it so that it will last for a long time. In addition, the doctor will strategize the treatment for you depending on your condition.

    Consult the best medical expert

    If you are having trouble managing the condition and it is affecting your self-esteem then you need to consult a medical expert right away. But, you need to choose the one who is best in this field and they need to have the expertise to do it correctly. Like with any surgical procedure, this approach needs to be done correctly. Therefore, make sure that you consult the best medical expert who is accredited, experienced, board-certified, and trained with the advanced approach.

    If you are looking for one, then get in touch with our knowledgeable surgeon and understand how this surgical approach will be done for you.

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