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FUE And FUT: Two Most Permanent Solution For Hair Restoration

FUE And FUT: Two Most Permanent Solution For Hair Restoration

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    Did you know?

    There are almost 100,000 hair follicles on average in a person’s scalp.

    Which basically makes losing a few hair strands daily a light feat. It is nothing to be worried about as an individual can lose around 100 strands per day on their hair wash. It is normal for you to notice hair fall, as it will grow back again- that is the mechanism of hair growth. You would not have to worry about anything until and unless the hair loss is extreme and the hair shedding is excessive.

     Hair Shedding In Men And Women

    According to much research, we have gathered that hair loss is more prominent in men compared to women. Almost 85 % of men experience severe hair loss by the time they reach their 50s due to many reasons. But that does not mean that women are immune to these issues; they suffer too.

    In both cases, you can opt for the treatment of a Hair transplant in Visakhapatnam.

     One of the most common causes of hair loss is pattern hair baldness. In women, it leads to thinning of hair, whereas for men, they notice a distinct pattern of baldness. However, with the help of medication and theories, you can help manage hair loss. But hair transplant is the only permanent solution. 

    Common Permanent Treatment For Hair Loss

    Based on the type of hair loss and the circumstances that lead to hair loss will determine the treatment and its procedure. The factor of hair loss will also determine the Hair transplant cost in Vizag.

    A hair transplant is a perfect solution when the patient is suffering from bald patches on the crown of your head. It also adequately addresses the issues of hair fall in men and concerns regarding thinning of hair in women. 

    Who Is Not The Right Candidate For Permanent Hair Treatment?

    These are some of the people who are not suitable to undergo hair transplant surgery because of various reasons, including:

    1. Women who have scattered bald patches across the scalp.
    2. People who have insufficient hair growth at the donor site or the back/side of the scalp.
    3. People with scars after surgery or injury
    4. People who are suffering from hair loss because of chemotherapy 

    Two Famous Hair Transplant Technique

    There are two main hair transplant techniques that most famous transplant centers have. It is a great way to obtain the follicles from the healthy site of the scalp and retrieve it in the recipient area.

    The two famous hair transplant methods include: 

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

    In this technique, the doctor uses a part of your skin to complete the surgery. The doctor cuts out a part of the scalp with a scalpel and implants it in the bald area. 

    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

    In this procedure, the surgeon extracts the hair follicles from the back of the scalp and retrieves them back to the recipient or affected area. With the help of a tiny incision, the doctor is able to perform this act successfully with natural-looking results. It might take you around 3 to 4 sessions to cover the whole bald patch. 

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