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Explain here certain important facts that you should know about Hair Transplant

Explain here certain important facts that you should know about Hair Transplant

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    Yes, we are living in a world of technology, where nothing is impossible. But still, some people complain about hair loss, they said they are unable to get rid of hair fall even after trying several hair loss treatments. Hereditary issues are not the only reason behind hair fall, because several people are suffering from a stressful life, which affects your hormones, and these conditions lead you to excessive hair fall.

    So, now you have to decide what to do to get rid of hair fall. It is important to note that hair transplantation is the only definitive cure to hair fall and baldness. As, it is a process that includes removing live root carrying hair grafts from the back & sides of the head, thereafter, these are transplanted to the recipient region or affected areas of your scalp. So, you need to go with a hair transplant in Vizag, but you must learn about certain facts of hair transplant surgery.

    Procedures for hair transplantation:

    • As we stated above, Hair transplantation surgeries are done with your own hair, the transplanted hair develops naturally without any additional treatment conditions or special care. You could still cut as well as wash the hair without any problem.
    • Different hair transplantation techniques exist including the most common is FUT or strip method and FUE, an advanced method of transplantation. Such procedures are performed by the best and experienced hair transplant surgeon, who has certification in cosmetic surgery. Owing to its cost-effectiveness, the FUT is commonly practiced; while it leaves a mark behind this, the hair surgeon may easily conceal it with the help of “Trichophytic closing.” FUE is an advanced way to treat hair fall, which includes non-scalpel or no suture technique that is recommended for those who want to keep very short hair.
    • The hair transplant doesn’t leave your hair with a dense hair on the head. Results of a hair transplant will vary because these depend on the type and condition of the hair, the extent of baldness, and the amount of hair available in the donor area, as well as other types of any particular variables.
    • Today hair transplantation is purely a daycare procedure; no hospital stay is required for the patient because you can leave a hospital within 5 to 7 hours. And you do not need any type of special care.
    • Hair replacement care is a natural cure as well as a permanent solution to hair loss or baldness; it is your own hair that is spread in 1 or 2 treatments in a particular pattern around the scalp.
    • In certain cases, the specialist collects hair from certain body parts, if a patient doesn’t have enough hair growth at the back or sides of the scalp. Once a specialist is done with examination, he tries to harvest hair from the chest for better hair growth. This is only done through the FUE hair transplant method.

    So, these are the facts you need to keep in mind to get the better results of hair transplantation.

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