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Fundamentals Of Hair Transplantation Surgery & Eligibility Criteria And After-care Precautions

Fundamentals Of Hair Transplantation Surgery & Eligibility Criteria And After-care Precautions

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    Whenever one clicks a picture or selfie, he or she focuses on the way his or her hair looks. In case one is bald, he sometimes encounters under-confidence when clicking group pictures. It’s ok. That is not your fault. It is caused due to aging, sometimes it is inherited. But there is definitely a wonderful and effective solution to this problem, which is “Hair Transplant

    Once you have decided to take up this procedure, you are highly advised to take bear into mind the following written points:

    • Are you eligible for taking up the surgery?

    It is not a matter of your decision that wholly decides whether you should take up the surgery or not. There are some eligibility credentials which every hair loss patient needs to satisfy before taking up the surgery. Some of the eligibility points will be related to as follows:

    • Hair loss patients who are heading to take up the surgical procedure must be of 25 years of age.
    • A patient does not have a critical medical background. If it has, then the recovered rate at present should be 100%.
    • Patients should not suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, or low immunity problems.
    • The hair of the donor area should suit the growth in the recipient area.
    • Do not expect beyond the surgery

    Do not count on childish expectations like a head full of hair. Growth and regrowth differ in different cases. Results of hair transplantation are directly proportional to the density of hair in the donor area.

    • How can the costing factor differentiate

    Costing factor varies according to different factors:

    • Baldness affected area highly differentiate the cost
    • Method or technique that will be used to determine the figure of cost
    • Experience, Qualification, and Reputation of the surgeon are what are highly counted.
    • Are you going to undertake the surgery from an experienced surgeon?

    Before choosing the surgeon, corroborate to check the testimonials of that hospital or clinic. Try to figure out all the minute details about the hospital and doctor. Do not take a chance of even 0.001% in this regard. Experience is what determines whether the surgeon is eligible to carry out the forth-approaching surgeries.

    • Are the results long-term-oriented?

    Yeah!! Surely. The results of the hair transplantation procedure will be supported in the long-term.

    • What are FUE and FUT?

    Both processes are related to hair transplantation. The difference will be based on the categories of recovery rate, pervasiveness, and the method of extraction. The implantation procedure is the same as both the stratagem.

    Bottom Line

    One must not immediately wash his head after taking up the surgery. Wash the hair based on the prescription of the doctor. Use the shampoo which has been recommended by the doctor

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