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Gynecomastia Surgery: Removal Of Enlarged Male Breast Tissues

Gynecomastia Surgery: Removal Of Enlarged Male Breast Tissues

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    Gynecomastia is one of the most common conditions that men go through. Almost 70% of men will have enlarged breast tissues at some point in their life. For many, this is a temporary issue that is connected with puberty, unhealthy diet, and exercise. But for others, it is a chronic condition that the doctor resolves with the help of gynecomastia surgery in Andhra Pradesh. 

    What Is Gynecomastia Surgery?

    To put it simply, it is basically a male boob reduction surgery in Vizag that helps in eliminating the excess fat from the chest as well as the problematic glandular tissues. Apart from that, it can also help in reducing the size of nipples and areolas. The main goal of this surgery is to make the chest firmer, flatter, and more traditionally masculine.

    There are many reasons for a man to develop gynecomastia, such as consumption of certain medications, poor habits, and hormonal irregularities. Men of any age can experience this condition, and the doctor can perform this surgery on both teenagers and adult men.

     Why Should Men Consider Male Breast Reduction?

    Technically, there is not really a medical need for male reduction. But, most men who experience this are troubled with the appearance of the chest and want to improve it to increase confidence and self–esteem. When a person feels that their enlarged male breast is ruining their look and opportunity, they must opt for male breast reduction surgery, also known as gynecomastia surgery.

    However, remember that there is not only a surgical method to remove the enlarged breast in men. Men can also opt for non-surgical procedures that can have equal success based on the source of the issues. In order to reduce excessive male breast tissue in some cases, you should follow a good diet, exercise, and eliminate certain medications and smoking. If this method does not work out, then you should think about surgery.

     How To Select The Right Plastic Surgeon For Your Surgery?

    The first step you should follow for the prep of gynecomastia surgery is selecting the best plastic surgeon. With the growing popularity of gynaecomastia surgery, we have seen a lot of clinics offering this service. But remember, not every provider is certified by the boards, while the others might lack experience in conducting the whole process smoothly.

    In short, these are some of the points you must search for in the gynecomastia surgeon:

    • They should have board certification in Plastic surgery.
    • They should have in-depth knowledge about the underlying causes that lead to gynecomastia.
    • They should offer before and after pics of their previous patient.
    • They should have adequate experience in performing male breast reduction surgery with the help of technology that you would require for your own surgery.

    Also, keep in mind that breast reduction in women is also very common, but the procedure is way different than male breast reduction surgery. That is why focus on a surgeon who is well-versed in reducing breast tissue, especially in males, and modify it to be more masculine.

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