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Is Hair Transplant Expensive? What Factors Are Responsible For Its Cost?

Is Hair Transplant Expensive? What Factors Are Responsible For Its Cost?

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    Essence Of Hair On The Head

    Both men and women love to groom themselves using several cosmetics and want their appearance to be appraised. And when it comes to looks, anyone first notices hairstyle or hair colour. But hair loss issues can prevent a person from keeping their favourite hairstyle. No worries; consult a doctor at any Hair clinic in Vizag.

    Hair Transplant: The Right Solution

    A person suffering from hair fall for a long time is likely to experience complete baldness. Usually, this problem remains more common in men. However, even if complete baldness takes place, one can still look forward to a Hair Transplant in Vizag.

    However, many would hesitate to go for a hair transplant due to its high cost. Those people will be glad to know Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery offers both FUE and FUT hair transplants at reasonable rates. However, hair transplant cost varies due to the below-listed factors.

    • Technology Present In The Clinic

    A place that carries out hair transplant procedures with high-end technology is likely to charge more than a clinic with less advanced equipment. However, ultra-modern tools or devices ensure a high success rate. So it’s worth noting the quality of their treatment over cost.

    • Experience Of The Surgeon

    A surgeon’s years of experience in performing hair transplants also influence the cost of the hair transplant they offer. However, at Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery, we have well-experienced surgeons, but we only charge a reasonable service cost.

    • Doctor’s Qualification

    Your doctor’s certifications also have a direct impact on their offered hair transplant procedure. You can expect a high cost of hair transplant if the expert’s qualification is top-notch. Highly educated and skilled doctors charge more but provide quality surgery and consultation. So choose your doctor for a hair transplant wisely.

    • Clinic Location

    Hair transplant costs increase or decrease depending on the city where one is undergoing the procedure. This is because different towns have disparities in taxes, wages of the surgeon, lifestyle standards, etc., determining the hair transplant’s price.

    • The Degree Of Baldness

    It’s best to go for a hair transplant during the initial stages of baldness. This is because, over time, hair fall issues cause more baldness, and the more the balding area, the more grafts will be required to cover it. And the increased number of grafts is going to cost more.

    • Staff Serving At The Clinic

    A professional staff helps in carrying out the entire procedure of hair transplant smoothly. So the team enhances the overall experience at the clinic and thus influences the hair transplant cost.

    • Type Of Hair Transplant

    There exist two types of hair transplant, FUE and FUT hair transplant, and both vary in process, cost, and eligibility. Therefore, it’s unlikely that one will have a choice to undergo one of the above-mentioned types.

    Get A Hair Transplant At A Price That Suits Your Budget

    As said earlier, one can avail hair transplant at a low cost by visiting Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery. Although the price of the treatment is low, not the quality.


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