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Hair Transplant Scars: Permanent Thing To Live With Or Can Be Removed

Hair Transplant Scars: Permanent Thing To Live With Or Can Be Removed

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    Although you can notice a number of hair transplant surgery methods, which are getting better day by day, there’s one thing we cannot get rid of, which is the hair transplant scars.

    No matter where you get your hair transplant in Vizag done, you still would be able to face the scars.

    Whenever someone visits the VJS Cosmetic Surgery hair clinic in Vizag, we make them understand the process and aftereffects of hair transplant surgery.

    This blog will discuss everything about that and hair transplant scars. If you have been through a hair transplant surgery or planning to go for one soon, then this blog is a must-read for you.

    Hair Transplant Procedures

     We have already discussed that there are two main types of hair transplant procedures which are as follows:

    1- FUE:

    In this hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles are picked from the back of your scalp. Later these hair follicles are connected on the head of their patient where there are no or fewer hairs.

    2- FUT:

    The second hair transplant procedure is known as FUT, in which a long strip of hair follicles is removed from the scalp and later integrated into the other part of your hair where there is less hair.

    Under this procedure, you would have to face more pain and swelling-related issues, as the surgeons would be taking out a long strip of hair.

    Hair Transplant Scar Removal

     There are a number of procedures with the help of which you can reduce the hair transplant scar. Although when we talk about the results, they are only sometimes guaranteed. You should keep in mind that as you grow old, your head will start losing its tightness, leading to a more visible hair transplant scar.

    One tip with help that you can avoid the scarring issue is getting in touch with an experienced and professional hair transplant surgeon.

    At VJS Cosmetic Surgery, you will always be connected with highly experienced hair transplant surgeons who know the best procedures to reduce or no scarring.

    Secondly, we use high-quality and modern transplant procedures with the help of which you face almost zero scarring issues.

    What to do if I have Hair Transplant Scars?

     When you have hair transplant scars, the best and easiest way to hide them is by growing your hair around the area where you have the transplant scar. In this way, you would be able to get rid of the hair transplant scars easily.

    Although there are a few scarring issues, in which the place is completely swollen, you cannot hide it with any procedure. Some other but complex procedures to reduce hair transplant scars are laser treatment, Tricopigmentation, and Scalp Micropigmentation.


     You can surely get rid of your hair transplant scar; you just need to ensure that you are dealing with someone experienced who can help you treat the scarring issue safely. Contact VJS Cosmetic Surgery for the safest hair transplant scar removal procedure.

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