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How many hair grafts are required for the best possible results for hair transplant?

How many hair grafts are required for the best possible results for hair transplant?

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    One of the common questions asked by the patients undergoing hair transplant is, ‘How many hair grafts do I need?’ No doubt, this is the most important of the treatment to get successful and desirable results. In this blog, we are going to discuss the graft requirement in detail.

    How many hairs in a hair graft?

    Hair does not grow in one single hair grouping, instead, mostly the hair grows in groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs. These are known as grafts. When you visit the doctor for consultation, he will check the requirement for grafts and tell you how much you need to get the desirable results.

    The patients undergo the treatment so that their quality is maintained. Roughly, to transplant the maximum graft in one day is around 4000 to 3000. Your surgeon will let you know which treatment plan will suit you the best. With FUT, you can get around 8000 hair transplanted in one day, and with FUT you can have 4000 hair transplanted in one day.

    We are there for you to get the best results, and the hair grafts are transplanted safely. Most importantly, graft survival is an important aspect while giving the patient the treatment.

    What factors are important to consider the graft requirement?

    The total number of grafts the patient need depend on different factors such as:

    • The degree of thinning the patient has
    • The hair transplant technique used (FUT or FUE)
    • The areas of baldness the patient would like addressed
    • The quality of hair in the donor area
    • Budget
    • Predicted future hair loss

    We make sure to have an in-depth consultation with the patients as this allows us to have a better understanding of the reason for hair loss. The doctor will do different tests and procedures to find the root cause of the problem. This way, it allows the surgeon to prepare the best treatment plan for your condition.

    During the consultation, the hairline is made so that it looks natural while transplanting the hair. The doctor will estimate the graft requirement so that the best possible results can be achieved. The detailed consultation allows us to have an accurate estimate of what needs to be done during the treatment.

    How many hair grafts are considered for hair transplant?

    On average, 2500 to 3000 grafts are considered average. It is not just about the placement of the hair grafts but where the grafts need to be placed. If you are facing hair loss in excess then this treatment is the best option for men and women.

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