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Is hair restoration is the ultimate solution of male pattern baldness?

Is hair restoration is the ultimate solution of male pattern baldness?

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    Hair loss is affecting the person’s professional, social as well as personal life. A man will regain his hair after some weeks if he is experiencing temporary hair loss whereas permanent hair loss requires medical attention. You should not avoid the signs of hair loss and consult the doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will recommend some oils, shampoos  which are temporary solutions to your hair loss issues. But if you want a permanent solution, then hair transplant treatment is the best for you.

    What is Male pattern baldness?

    Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia, genetic baldness. You experience hair loss due to genetics dysfunction as well as DHT. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone is an androgenic hormone which leads to hair loss problems. Thinning of hair, as well as miniaturization, are the early signs which cause hair loss problems. 

    How to cure baldness?

    Hair Transplant

    By undergoing hair transplant treatment you can regain your hair. The surgeon will harvest your hair from the back of the scalp and transplant it into the area where you are suffering from thinning or baldness.


    Some people spend their money on purchasing wigs, extensions, suction wigs to hide the baldness. But this is a temporary solution to your problem. In fact, these accessories require high maintenance.


    There are multiple medicines available in the market which can slow the speed of hair loss as well as increase the hair growth. Minoxidil and finasteride are the medications you can purchase which might not or might show the results varies from person to person. Side effects are also there.

    Is hair restoration the ultimate solution of male pattern baldness?

    Let us check out why hair transplantation is the best way to treat the hair loss problem that are mentioned below:

    Natural-looking results

    The procedure performed by the surgeon will give you natural results. In fact, your hairdresser, barber won’t be able to identify whether this is your natural hair or transplanted hair.

    One-time procedure

    Hair restoration is a one- time procedure which means once the procedure is done. You will enjoy the benefits of it. You don’t have to meet the surgeon from time to time or require any treatment in future which ultimately is going to save your money.

    Permanent results

    You will get permanent results after undergoing hair transplant treatment. All you need to do is consult the best surgeon because the surgeon’s experience is one of the factors which helps you in getting the long-lasting results.

    Painless procedure

    The patient won’t be able to suffer from any type of pain as the surgery is performed by giving local anaesthesia to the patient. The scalp of the patient will become numb and the surgeon will start by harvesting the hair follicles and transplant into the problematic area.


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