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Is it true I will experience shock hair loss following hair transplant treatment?

Is it true I will experience shock hair loss following hair transplant treatment?

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    The patients who are considering undergoing FUE or FUT hair transplant may have heard the term ‘Shock loss’ following the surgery. In this guide, we are going to make you understand this term in detail.

    What is shock loss?

    Shock loss happens between 2 and 8 weeks following an FUE and FUT hair transplant when the new hair grafts enter the resting phase and the hair shed. This is a normal and natural process and there is nothing to worry about. Your new and healthy hair is going to grow in its place. By taking the necessary steps recommended by the surgeon you can prepare for the entire process in the best way as the new hair start to grow,

    What is the reason for shock loss following a hair transplant?

    • Both FUE and FUT procedure involves removing the hair grafts from the back of the scalp and transplanting them to the problematic area. This way hair will continue to grow for a lifetime, and your problem of hair loss is solved
    • The hair grafts are placed in a precise way by the surgeon so that it gives the patient the natural look they want. The new hair grafts will stay in place, but between 2 to 8 weeks, the follicles enter the resting phase. During this time, the hair will shed.
    • It is a natural response to the surgery. The graft will continue to grow after that time like your natural hair. But yes you need to take proper care of your health so that it continues to grow in the recipient area.

    Your doctor will suggest some important and relevant tips which you need to follow after the surgery. The skilled and qualified surgeon will always make sure the necessary steps are taken to minimize the risk involved with the surgery.

    Is it possible shock hair loss can occur in other parts of the scalp after surgery?

    The shock hair loss only occurs because of the trauma of the surgery. This is common and for a temporary phase. The follicles remain healthy & strong and they continue to grow for a lifetime.

    The patients can also find that they experienced shock loss in the donor area where the hair has been harvested. However, the skilled surgeon will minimize the risk any such thing happens.

    When does the new hair grow after the shock hair loss?

    The hair grafts shed between 2 weeks and 2 months following the transplant. You will be in a resting phase in which the scalp looks just like before the surgery. The patient needs to keep patience.

    The new hair growth will start around 3 months following the surgery that is a few inches long. Now, this hair growth is permanent, and hair will grow for a lifetime. The new hair growth will be thick, and they match with the original hair perfectly.

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