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Laser Hair removal – A trend widespread across the world in both the genders

Laser Hair removal – A trend widespread across the world in both the genders

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    A cosmetology treatment that has gained a lot of success over a short span of time is what we commonly hear is laser hair removal. this treatment is not only cheap and pain-free but easily accessible in the whole world. It is not so permanent way to get rid of your hair but yes close to permanent as it helps you to rid off your 90% of your hair which you got lasered.

    the hair after the treatment is not as rough as they used to be and is very fine and few.The hair takes a long while to grow unlike before the treatment.

    Hair removal treatments through laser beams help you to save your time and money in a way that you don’t have to rush towards beauty parlors once every month, leaving your work on hold from the busy routine and spending money on the waxing, bleaching, etc often.

    The cost of such services can be abandoned by a simple lumpsum payment to your cosmetologist for the laser surgery which is not really expensive for the benefits it offers and due to its attractive packages designed by the specialized doctors. Laser hair removal in Vishakhapatnam is popular and easily accessible as across other parts of India.

    Not only women but also men across the globe enjoy the advantages of the procedure. Men feel the need of removing unwanted hair from their chest, back and other parts of the body especially when they are models, actors, or fitness freaks who want to flaunt their shaved muscular bodies in tournaments, contests or maybe to impress the girls in their immediate surroundings.

    How effective is the treatment

    This hair removal procedure is not really permanent for the reason of continuous hormonal changes the body experiences as it evolves with time. These changes are responsible for new hair growth. During the surgery, the laser beam targets the hair follicles and the pigments present in them absorb the light which destroys them thereby disabling the hair production. The reason why the laser surgery is nota permanent remedy because the hair follicles tend to heal over a period of time.  The treatment is carried on in different sessions, generally taking up 7-8 sessions depending upon the hair growth to complete the whole treatment process. The process is not long enough but takes a long time if the area targeted is wide and huge.

    The growth of hair post-surgery is lighter and finer but the rate of reduction of hair is variable from person to person.

    It is better to consult a cosmetologist to know about the side effects of the surgery despite its huge popularity and success.

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