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Laser hair removal – Mechanism, benefits, Facts and targeted areas

Laser hair removal – Mechanism, benefits, Facts and targeted areas

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    Laser hair removal involves the heating of the hair follicles to prevent regrowth. It usually helps to get rid of the pain experienced during waxing. Also, you can avoid being hurt with the cuts caused by the blade of the shaver. So laser hair removal is quintessentially beneficial.


    Once the effect of the laser hair removal is finished, then the hair which grows back will be insignificant in number as not all the follicles will come up with the regrowth. Also, the hair will not be harder.

    Who is best benefited from the procedure?

    This procedure has come out to be extremely beneficial for people who are having lighter skin tones but the hair growth is much darker than that.

    Who can perform this procedure?

    Only the dermatologist who is certified by the board is eligible to carry out the procedure. So when you are approaching any clinic to enquire about laser hair removal, make sure you are considering this aspect into account.

    What exactly is carried out in laser hair removal?

    The radiation, which involves the laser beams of quintessentially high heat, is used to permanently destroy the hair follicles. Once the follicles are destroyed from the root, they can never experience regrowth. This method aims at targeting the hair follicles present on the surface.

    Which areas can be targeted for laser hair removal?

    According to the AAD, the following areas are responsible for the laser hair removal:

    • Chest
    • Shoulders
    • Back
    • Bikini Line
    • Neck Line
    • Face by not including the eye area

    How much time is taken for the laser hair removal to get completed?

    Generally, laser hair removal is the quickest process. If it is to be carried out at the upper lips, then within just a few minutes, it can get completed. No more than an hour will be required for the entire process to get completed.

    Does the patient administer anaesthesia before the procedure?

    Since the procedure involves dealing with the high heat laser beam, then the patient should be given anaesthesia. But anaesthesia is not administered in the form of the injection. There is a special kind of anaesthetic gel that is used for this purpose.

    Why are multiple laser removal sessions required?

    One session is never enough to permanently stop the regrowth of the follicles. The multiple sessions will ensure the permanent damage of the hair follicles.

    Why are the patients called for the follow-up sessions?

    As discussed, the multiple sessions will help to achieve the desired results. So to make sure that the hair follicles are completely damaged, the patient will be called for follow up sessions. Usually, four to six sessions in the interval of 2 to 3 months will be required which means, a period of 9 months will be enough to complete the cycle.

    Final Thoughts

    Apart from laser hair removal, there are other hair removal methods which may include electrolysis and needle epilators. The choice of the approach for the hair removal will be done by the dermatologist keeping several factors and your medical condition in the account.

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