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Does the laser hair removal procedure give permanent results?

Does the laser hair removal procedure give permanent results?

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    Are the results of laser hair removal permanent?

    The laser hair removal procedure targets the hair follicles beneath the skin. It stops the growth of new hair follicles. Or you can say the hair growth gets into the resting stage for a long time. The effect of laser hair removal in Vizag is much more effective and worth it compared to the conventional methods of hair removal. The effect of laser only works on the area where it’s targeted and not on the entire body.

    Laser technique presided and safe

    Laser therapy makes the best use of lasers offering the right amount of radiation. The laser uses heat to damage the hair follicles in the problematic area. The hair follicles are present below the skin, and with laser, there’s the desired effect achieved. When hair follicles are targeted, it helps to stop unwanted hair growth. Undergoing the procedure is effective, and you should consult the doctor about the same. Depending on what areas you are looking to target, you will get the total laser hair removal Cost in Vizag specifically for your case.

    Does laser hair removal take time?

    Although laser hair removal is a quick procedure, in the case of smaller areas, it takes only 5 minutes, like the upper lip. It takes slightly longer for larger areas like the chest and back.

    How many sessions of laser hair removal do I need?

    Laser hair removal is undoubtedly successful because of how advanced and innovative the method is. Moreover, it allows us to begin the healing process easily and leads to new hair production. To get the best possible results, it’s important to get all the necessary sessions and follow all the suggestions given by the doctor.

    Don’t miss out on the follow-up treatment

    Make sure not to miss out on follow-up treatment sessions. With that, it’s easier to have the results on time. The number of additional sessions required for every person varies depending on their situation. Ideally, a person needs around 6 to 8 sessions to have the desired results.

    Additionally, you must keep a gap of around six weeks for every session. So, for the treatment to show its full effect, you must attend the total sessions.

    Do you know?

    You can notice at least a 10% to 25% reduction in hair growth after the initial session. Then afterward, you will notice the improvement.

    How do you maintain the results of laser hair removal?

    No doubt, the results of laser hair removal are effective, and it does need occasional maintenance. Proper maintenance sessions from time to time ensure the hair follicles won’t regenerate again. The maintenance sessions are required once or twice a year to have the desired results.

    In some cases, there’s a need for touch up sessions to maintain the results most reliably.

    Final word

    The laser hair removal method is effective as compared to waxing, threading, shaving, and plucking. To make the most of the same schedule, initial consultation under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar.

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