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Liposuction results: What happens before and after the surgery?

Liposuction results: What happens before and after the surgery?

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    Liposuction results – Before and Aftercare

    You need some advanced medical assistance if you have stubborn body fat that won’t get away due to diet and exercise. And that is through liposuction surgery. Most importantly, the individuals undergoing Liposuction Surgery in Andhra Pradesh need to take prompt care and have realistic expectations in their minds. Remember, you cannot term the procedure as a weight loss procedure. Even after the surgery, you must take care of yourself and manage the future results. It’s mindful of what happens before and after surgery.

    Please note!

    Like with any other surgery, there are some complications or side effects. You should talk to the doctor to understand how the entire procedure will be done and how to manage the difficulties.

    So, just you discuss the liposuction procedure and Liposuction Surgery cost in Vizag, know about the recovery, complications, and management.

    How is the day-to-day recovery after liposuction?

    Here are the given steps to give you a better idea about how is the recovery like after the liposuction surgery:

    • Initial 24 hours

    After surgery, don’t wear anything tight-fitted. Wear loose-fitted and comfortable clothes so that you can stay relaxed.

    • First 48 hours

    You need to wear compression garments and make sure to stay relaxed. Please walk for a few minutes to ensure proper blood circulation.

    • First 2 weeks

    After one week, you can continue doing light exercise like stretching and walking. Take a shower once told by the doctor. Sleep sideways as you want. By 2nd week the discomfort and pain will subside.

    • First 4 weeks

    By the 4th week, you are ready to return to your regular regime. As you remove the garment, the results are noticeable. Although to permanently take off your compression garment, you need to talk to the doctor.

    Taking care of wounds after liposuction surgery

    Some essential tips to take care of your wound after surgery are:

    • Don’t touch the wound area, and wash your hands properly before doing dressing
    • While taking a shower, you should not let the wound area get wet; otherwise there’s a risk of infection
    • Do not wear anything tight or uncomfortable

    How much does it take to see full recovery after liposuction?

    The complete recovery after liposuction takes around 3 to 4 weeks. It also depends upon the type of surgery, how well you take care of, or other factors to see a full recovery.

    Do’s and Don’ts for liposuction recovery


    • Make sure to eat a nutritious diet, so there’s no constipation problem.
    • You need to sip fluids like water, soup, and broth to prevent constipation & dehydration.
    • Get rest for at least 8 to 9 hours to let the wound heal faster
    • Make sure to wear the compression garment for as much time as told by the doctor


    • Do not practice any kind of strenuous activity or physical regime.
    • Do not miss out on any appointment with the doctor.
    • Do not itch when you feel it. Make sure to control the urge.
    • Do not wear tight-fitted clothes as it affects the results and you won’t feel comfortable.


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