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Liposuction Surgery: Diagnostic criteria, Mechanism, kinds & Preparation

Liposuction Surgery: Diagnostic criteria, Mechanism, kinds & Preparation

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    Liposuction is a procedure that aims at eliminating body weight by breaking down the fat tissues that have accumulated over time and are stubbornly situated in the place. So the liposuction procedure aims at the removal of those fat tissues. Liposuction surgery has gained sufficient importance over time. People are relying on it because it is impactful and the liposuction cost is also very less.


    Are there any diagnostic criteria for liposuction?

    Yes, surely there are diagnostic criteria for liposuction. The patients who are satisfying any of the following conditions is considered fit for the liposuction:


    • The person whose weight is 30 to 40% more than the ideal weight.
    • The skin of the patient who is seeking to undergo the treatment is elastic and firm.
    • The individuals who are very strong and are not suffering from any kind of comorbid illness.
    • If you are suffering from lipomas.


    How many kinds of Liposuction surgeries are there?


    • Traditional Liposuction:

    This is a traditional liposuction procedure in which the cannula is inserted into the body and the objective to break the fat cells is carried out by making the instrument move back and forth.


    • Tumescent Liposuction:

    This procedure initially takes into account separating the muscles from the fat with the help of the saline fluid which is passed in the body. The next phase involves the moving of the cannula in the back and forth direction which is inserted in the particular body part with the help of the vacuum pump.


    • UAL

    UAL is an acronym for ultrasound-assisted liposuction. The predominant focus is laid on liquifying the fat cells which are broken from the fat tissues and the latter phase includes the elimination of the same from the body.


    • Power-assisted liposuction

    This is the convenience of all the procedures since it facilitates the patient with less discomfort after the procedure. With the help of the rapid movements that are made in the forth and back directions along with the continuous activity

    of loosening and tightening the skin to break the cells completely.


    • Laser-assisted Lipolysis

    This is a technique that passes the heat and the laser energy at the fat cells so that they can easily be broken.


    How do I get prepared for the procedure?

    • To get prepare for the procedure, follow the subsequent measures:
    • Say Bye-Bye to Smoking and the alcohol
    • So do not take any such medication regarding which you have consulted with the dermatologists.
    • Tell your dermatologist each thing about your medical history.


    What happens during the procedure?

    This procedure is always performed under the effect of local anaesthesia. First of all small incisions are to be made in the areas of your body that are to be treated. Based on the procedure you have chosen to break the fat cells, the type of material will be passed to make the fat cells get fragmented.



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