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Everything you should know about the Fat Removal or Liposuction Surgery

Everything you should know about the Fat Removal or Liposuction Surgery

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    For the removal of fat cells, there has been the advent of numerous techniques. Liposuction surgery in Vizag is one of them which has succeeded in proving long tie results. Following are the fundamental FAQs about fat cell removal surgery:

    • Can fat move around the variegated body parts after the liposuction is successful in removing it from a particular zone?

    After liposuction surgery has successfully terminated fat from one zone of the body, the fat is permanently eliminated. Liposuction surgery is related to the breakdown of the various fat cells.

    • Is the weight loss itself not a good solution to get rid of the deformed body structure?

    No, Weight loss could definitely give a visible change in the body shape. But it would not be held accountable if there is deformation in certain zones of the body. The disfigurement could only be corrected with the liposuction technique.

    • Is the growth of fat cells dependent on the gained weight?

    Yeah!! Surely it is. The growth of fat cells is affirmatively dependent on the gained weight.

    • Which factors are responsible for deciding the number?

    The number is highly dominated by the individual’s genetic makeup. This is not subjective to any kind of transformation.

    • What are the exceptions for fat cells which grow in the order of the weight gained and lost?

    As we have already discussed, the growth and shrinking of fat cells are dominated by the weight gained or lost. But there are certain exceptions to this point:

    • If the weight is immensely and extremely gained, the growth of fat cells is reached to a particular point. The fat cells can’t grow after that point. In that situation, the fat cells are fragmented and promote the regeneration of cells.
    • The next exception is associated with the performance of the liposuction procedure. If a liposuction procedure is performed when there is a thorough breakdown of fat cells. It is relevant to mention here that the results obtained after taking up the liposuction surgery are everlasting.
    • Which device is used to snap or fragmentize the fat cells?

    The cannula is an instrument or device which is used in the liposuction stratagem to isolate and terminate the fat cells.

    • What is the myth about fat cells?

    There is a very popular myth about fat cells that if they are removed from the body they can never grow back. This myth is irrelevant. But as a matter of fact, there is a constant number of fat cells present in the body. These cells ought to be available in the required numbers. If they die, then other cells grow to complete the number. In fact, the constant number of fat cells is omnipotent, they keep on being killed and new cells take their place.

    • Does Cna liposuction reduce the constant number of cells?

    Liposuction techniques are invented on the idea of reducing and diminishing the total number of cells. So the answer to this question is affirmative.

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