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Painless Method Followed By Vjs For Hair Transplant

Painless Method Followed By Vjs For Hair Transplant

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    The hair transplant journey is extensive; one must be very much informed about each and every section before they might jump into the procedure. With unfamiliarity, there might be a lot of doubts. One that we are encountering right now is the pain endured in the surgery of Hair Transplant in Vizag.

    People often question whether or not hair transplant surgery is a painful procedure.

    How Painful Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

    With the advancement in the medical field, now it is easier for anyone to attain a desired result from the ahir transplantation. The easy mechanism and the update have helped overcome many barriers that were once a limitation in this process. It is one of the most innovative plastics or cosmetic surgery gaining popularity. The procedure of  Hair Transplant in Kakinada starts by extracting hair follicles from the donor site (back or the side of the scalp), and then it is harvested in the affected area with the help of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Thus it is natural to sense specific pain or swelling during the process. This is why the doctor prescribes the patient with local anesthesia before the treatment for hair loss begins. This helps in numbing the rae, which allows not feel the pain caused by the invasion.


    What is the painless hair loss treatment procedure in VJs Cosmetic Surgery?

    • At VJs Cosmetic Surgery, the doctor uses regional anesthesia to help the patient not feel any pain during the procedure. It also becomes an aid in providing 10-12 hours of relief from pain post hair transplant surgery.
    • We use both FUT (follicular unit transplanted) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) advanced techniques to make the patient more at ease with less invasive pain. Add the dose of local anesthesia, and the candidate would not feel any irritation for long hours.
    • We do not believe in conducting unhygienic processes. That is why we have to maintain the level of cleanliness through our strict laws, which are adhered to by everyone to gain the safety of the patient and the doctor during the surgical work.
    • Our doctors are known for providing expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery. They are qualified and skilled surgeons who have performed many hair restoration processes with a higher success rate growing each day.
    • We use high technology which is up to date with no old versions. This step helps ensure the patient is under the guidance of skilled surgeons and technology, which is less invasive more effective.


    What Are the Factors That Influences The Cost Of Hair Transplant?

    Many elements impact the cost and the range of the surgery. Such factors include

    • The qualification and the experience of the doctor
    • The reputation of the hair transplant hospital.
    • The condition or underlying health issues of the candidates.
    • The number of grafts the patient to extract harvest.
    • Hospital and its geographical location.
    • The technology that the doctor uses for treatment.


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