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Cosmetic Treatment: How is it like to recover from liposuction surgery?

Cosmetic Treatment: How is it like to recover from liposuction surgery?

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    Recovery Timeline With Liposuction Surgery

    Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic treatment options. With the process, technique, and approach of liposuction, everything has improved a lot. And that’s the increasing demand for Liposuction Surgery in Visakhapatnam and different parts of India. But, Why?

    Additionally, the  Liposuction Surgery Cost in Vizag is on the affordable side. On average, liposuction surgery costs around Rs 20,000. Undoubtedly, the price can vary depending on your requirements and what approach you are looking to get.

    Keep realistic expectations from liposuction surgery

    Well! It’s not just about getting the surgery; you need realistic expectations. Additionally, follow all the necessary demands of the surgeon throughout recovery to obtain the required results.

    Recovery following Liposuction surgery

    First 3 days after liposuction

    • Make sure to wear the compression garment or elastic bandage on the treated area as it helps to reduce swelling and give it the necessary shape.
    • On the surgical site, drains are placed to prevent fluid and no problem with healing. The doctor will tell you the exact time to take them out.
    • Take pain medications to manage pain and soreness or any kind of discomfort.
    • Don’t get involved in an unwanted activity that puts pressure on the body and affects recovery.

    Week 1 to 2 after liposuction

    • Through recovery, you need to take it slow and get enough rest. The pain and discomfort will likely go down in the 1st or 2 nd week.
    • Although, most individuals feel like getting back to a normal regime within two weeks. But if your job demands you to be extra careful or requires more stress, you must take more time.
    • During this entire time, wear compression garments for as much time as the doctor tells.

    Week 3 to 6 after liposuction

    • After 1 month, there’s no pain or soreness, but some swelling is normal.
    • By now, you can see the necessary results and take extra care to ensure healing goes as planned.
    • Only perform lightweight exercise regime.
    • After six weeks, most of the patients can notice the desired results.
    Recovery tips suggested by the cosmetic surgeon

    Here are some essential recovery tips suggested by the cosmetic surgeon for better management:

    • You need to make sure to eat the food properly and balance out the necessary nutrition. Additionally, include the right kind of fruits and veggies to keep the entire health properly balanced.
    • You need to drink enough water so that the recovery goes with ease. If you want something different in terms of taste, add fresh fruit.
    • You need to get enough rest, which means sleeping on time, so the body feels normal.
    • Make sure to take a walk by doing light movement, take short walks, and don’t let the body get into any kind of strain.
    • Ask for help and attend the follow-up checks scheduled by Dr. C Vijay Kumar.

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